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It ended 2-2, which to me is a great result when you are Palace playing against the Mighty Reds with the best attacking trio in the world (Salah - Firmino - Mane), especially given that we had to play without our leading centre back Sakho due to an injury. We were leading twice, and both times Salah managed to equalize. This guy is simply incredible. He was everywhere across the pitch, always looking for space and making himself available for a pass. and it was clear that sooner or later he was going to put it into the back of the net somehow despite our really good and well-organized team defending. And he scored both goals virtually in the same way and from very similar positions, as you can see in this screenshot:


If you look at the Match Stats, you could get an impression that they completely dominated the game, but in this case the stats are somewhat misleading, as I watched the whole match (as I regularly do), so you can trust me ;) If you look better, you'll see they created just one CCC more than we did (3/2), and these were all created while they were desperately trying to equalize. They had a lot more shots overall, but quite a few were either from distance or blocked by my players. And even though I intentionally gave possession over to them, they did not have as much of it as one would have assumed (56/44). 


And finally, here is the strikerless 4213 which I used as the starting tactic that brought me a 1-0 lead. Later on, when we took the lead, I anticipated they were going to attack us like crazy, so I was making occasional tweaks to the tactic in order to better adapt it to the situation, and at some point even changed the formation to a regular 4-2-1-3 Wide.


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26 minutes ago, herne79 said:

However as a West Ham fan I take issue with your assertion that S-F-M are the best attacking trio in the world when we have the likes of Anderson, Yarmolenko and Arnautovic.

It's a matter of taste. Btw, I like WHU as a team, and especially Arnautovic :thup:

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1 hour ago, Experienced Defender said:



Nice concept. Looks remarkably similar to a more attacking system I've seen suggested on another topic... 😂😂

All jokes aside sound system and TIs. Nothing better than sh*thousing an opponent.

And I'm not too concerned about this best front three debate. As long as we can all agree Mason Mount - Craig Bryson - Bradley Johnson is the best midfield trio of all time, mind

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