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Hakuna Murata! The San Marino Challenge

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Hi all, I am brand new here (although I have been lurking checking through stories for the last few weeks) I have been inspired to start the impossible (Which I have seen tried and tested here before... no guesses as to which user got me interested in undertaking this crazy game)!! 

I am yet to decided on a club, but I shall be partaking in the San Marino league and to make it more interesting I shall be completing this as a youth only challenge also.

Not setting myself any targets or goals (although I still expect to score a few) I just want to see where this takes us... hopefully to the promised land of European Football!!

Please enjoy my pain as we embark on the path to crazy town in what will hopefully be a whirlwind adventure!

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Hakuna Murata!

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Murata First Team



The struggle is definitely real here, but we have chosen a team and the quest goes on! I will be happy just for us to be competitive in the league! And hope for some magic regens to bring into the first team for next season!


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9 hours ago, Chockers1 said:

good luck mate, i have just finished season 11 of this challenge but with San Marino Calico - 4 time Siere A champions these days & on a roll.


Will keep an eye out to see how you go.

11 Years, thats a big effort!! Good luck with that challenge! And thanks, I will take all followers.

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