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Adding clubs into a structure after season one

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I am trying to replicate the new structure used for this seasons East of Scotland league and expand on it by adding 19 clubs to the system during the second season. To give a bit of background over the summer 26 junior clubs joined the East of Scotland League on the same level as the existing clubs, for this season 3 leagues of 13 will play out with the aim of forming a new 16 team top league next season and below feeder leagues.


I have tried to replicate this and expand on the system by adding in a further 19 clubs for the start of the second season, My league structure will evolve over three seasons and is detailed below:


Season One

Premier League - 3 groups of 13 teams


Season Two

Premier League - 16 teams

Division One - 2 groups of 14 teams


Season Three

Premier League - 16 teams

Division One - 16 teams

Division Two - 2 League of 13 teams (North & South Division)


I have got my game to 'successfully' restructure over the three season, however my issues are with the 19 teams which I add in Season 2 and I'm at a loss on how to solve this issue. I have so far tried the following;

  1. Removed the 19 new clubs from any division and used the 'Get specific Team' option to add them to Division One for the second season, The problem with this is that teams who finish in either the promotion or relegation positions successfully transition into the next season, however teams who would be due to begin the next season in Division One simply vanish from the structure, the game then places a non league team with the highest reputation into Division One to fill the gap.
  2. Added the 19 new clubs to Division One and have no stages set for season one, come the start of the second season, 6 of the new teams now play in both the Premier League and Division One.
  3. Added the 19 new clubs to Division One from season one with no promotion from the league, (in this setting I've also tried setting promotion places to 0 and adding all 19 teams to the 'block teams from promotion' option), However all teams where promoted to the Premier League.
  4. Added the 19 new clubs to a lower league and set that league to promote all 19 teams to Division One, however only 2 teams where promoted.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can achieve my intended result?

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