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How are pre order sales going?

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Either birthing a new title every year is leaving the team short of ideas now or they're holding something special back in which case i will eat my humble pie, but i've been on this ride a long time the game is 95-99% the same each year, lets hope that's not the reason for such silence,  at least lets see a preview of the new lay out of the basics screens (not asking for the world here by any means don't si care about pre orders?


Maybe its just me but im left disappointed the game is available for preorder all this  time while were all in the dark for at least another 2/3 weeks :/ .


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3 minutes ago, FrazT said:

I doubt that anyone from SI will tell you the level of pre-orders.  The timing of any pre-launch information has been in the public domain for a considerable time, so nobody is misled by the lack of information

This. Right from the very first announcement we knew two things:

1) The pre order bonus would run right up to release

2) Information would be out by end September.


Which means you can actually wait, if you choose for information, and still benefit from it.

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