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(FMT 17) Widgets on match screen


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I previously asked this in the General forum and @michaeltmurrayuk advised asking here instead.

I still play 2D Classic on FM Touch 2017, but I've found that several widgets are too big to keep on the match screen, as they block part of the pitch (not much, but enough to make this a worse experience than FMT 2015). They won't pull back any further, and this is even the case when I zoom back to 95%.

I dislike the vertical pitch view on 2D Classic, and just want the widgets back the way they were on FMT 2015!

Does anyone have a tip that I'm missing out on?



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@EVH5150 You should be able to adjust the width/height of the various widgets in game. If you cannot adjust them enough then you have two options.

First if you are using the Default Touch skin then download and switch to the relevant Touch Base Skin:

Once you have done that you have two options;

- You can either alter the size of the 2D pitch freeing up more room for the widgets, to do so have a look at this post:

Or you can manually adjust the min/max sizes of the widgets, to do this you'll need to edit the match full window xml file which for the Touch Mode is located in the skins\fmc\panels\match\ folder which will need to be extracted from the skins fmf file and copied into the panels/match folder for the above Base Skin you have switched to. (If you don't know how to extract the game files read this guide).

If that file there will be code for each type of widget, you just need to locate the coding for each widget you want to adjust and alter the coding for the min/max width/height values, for example the Home Team Player Ratings widget is controlled by this code:

  <!-- Home player ratings widget-->
  <container class="match_floating_panel_base" width="440" height="340" id="hfMs" reduce_alpha="mtst" file="match/match floating panel base resizeable">
    <translation id="title" translation_id="289102" type="use" value="Home Player Ratings" />
    <attachment kind="sizeable_attachment" maximum_width="
440" minimum_height="200" minimum_width="440" border_size="14" mode="left,right,bottom" />
    <record id="widget_info">
      <symbol id="class" value="home_match_team_stats_floating_panel" />
      <boolean id="use_short_name_format" value="true" />

To adjust the width you just need to alter the highlighted values, and if you change the max/min width values to be different then you can resize them in game so I'd set a low min width so you can adjust to suit, also if you lower the max width then you may also need to alter the default width on the top line. You then just need to repeat this for each widget you want to resize, also note that for most widgets the home and away widgets are controlled by different code and you'll need to alter both to adjust both teams. (You can also try reducing the border size to free up some extra space).

Once done save the file, load up the game, switch to the Base Skin you installed if you haven't and turn off the skin cache and reload your skin and you should now be able to resize the widgets.

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