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Can't change resolution from 4K on my laptop: FM18?

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I have a 4K laptop and want to play FM18 on it but for some reason I don't have any options to change the screen resolution. Pushing the game in 4K is making it super laggy and my laptop gets all glitchy. I tried changing it from Geforce Experience but that didn't do anything to it. Also tried window mode but that still ran it in 4K. I put some steam launch options to run it in 1080p but even that didnt work. Not sure what I can do at this point. Also to mention my laptop is running standard at 3:2 aspect ratio if that is an issue I'm not sure.

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6 hours ago, hbt said:

@Spurs08 Sorry it's not exactly at 4K but pretty close; my resolution is 3240x2160 at 3:2 ratio

Yeah, sadly you'll have to change the system resolution and move it back when you're done playing FM. However you should be able to set it to something like 2,560 x 1,440 or even better 2880 x 1620 rather than just 1080p.

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