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Colombians are a bargain!

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Playing fm17, so idk if is the same in 18, taking a team from conference to premier i noticed in my europe league champion run that most colombian youths are a bargain!

My first season in championship i bought a colombian midfielder with stats to be a good backup for 300k, after 2 seasons i got an offer from atletico madrid for 2M

Next season in my champion run in the championship i bought a forward that was good enough to be my main striker, i was so happy when i scouted him and his release clause was 1.2M, 4 seasons and 50 goals later i got offers from psg, saint etienne and lazio for him all of them over 40M

Now i got another forward with a release clause of 1.7M with potential to be better than the actual top scorer of the league

I guess like in real life, top teams just ignore colombia due to the top 2 in south america rule, but man, those release clauses are even better than spanish mandatory clauses, the only downside is that most of this players are pouched by brasilean teams

Just leaving this here, since either 1 i got lucky or 2 this is overlooked like in real life

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I assume it relates a lot to reputations and financials.

I'm not too clued up on South American clubs, however, maybe those release clauses are set at a price that's high for Columbia. It could be a case where those 'small' fees for you are actually quite large for the selling club and it keeps them going.

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