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[FM15] Jamaican Me Crazy: Time to Shock the World!!!!!


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While many people are rounding up their FM saves and preparing for FM 19,  this guy right here is preparing a new save on FM 15. Great…

Let's get started, I guess

The Manager - Carlos Ibrahim

R12Shirt3.png.e5498ef13444bbcf2967d382a77f3ae7.png                   4kilp4.jpg

Nigerian born and raised but moved to Finland to study Economics at the University of Helsinki. While he was there, he took the opportunity to take a few coaching courses around the region and even had the chance to work as a volunteer assistant for a nearby amateur team. However, his coaching education stalled after he kept applying for positions at lower tier sides in Europe but got zero offers. After getting frustrated, he decided to explore coaching options outside Europe and a few weeks later, he found his way to Jamaica to accept a coaching position at a second tier side called Bath F.C.


Goals for the save: I want to see how far I can take Bath F.C, (or any other Caribbean side in case I get fired from Bath City). Dominating Jamaica and the Caribbean Champions league should be achievable, anything beyond that is going to be a miracle, but this is FM, so anything can happen. I also want to improve the Jamaican national team by focusing on developing homegrown players. Classen's database has a limit on 4 foreigners, so this should force me to focus on developing Jamaican players.

Game Details


Only 2 countries are playable, those being Jamaica and Trinidad. I could have loaded Haiti, but I knew I was not going to manage there. I also loaded a lot of continental reputation players from other continents as well since I did not make any European league playable.

About the Club: Sadly Wikipedia had nothing on them except having their name in the "List of Jamaican Football Clubs page", and even searching Bath FC, Jamaica, brings mostly results for Bath City FC from the UK, even using quotes, doesn't help.  But I can confirm that they are a real club and they won a few 3rd/4th tier trophies.


Thanks for reading, my FM 15 skin is a bit ugly but it has instant result, so this will do. Squad review and "Manager's log" to follow.

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Gaffer’s Log, Bath, Jamaica, 17 July, 2014

I am finally a manager. It is a dream come true. While it is not at a big club like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Brondby, San Giovanni or Bayern, I am living the dream. I am in a beautiful country with beautiful weather, beautiful women, and more importantly, a chairman that believes in me, at least I think he does, although the one year contract says otherwise.

I had a chance to talk with my staff which includes my assistant, my head of youth and my scout. I was going to ask for a goalkeeper coach, a masseuse, a sports psychologist, a data analyst and a scouting video coordinator, but I know the chairman will laugh at me. As Kanye West said “you need to crawl before you ball.”

My assistant manager does not seem to know a lot about the game of football. I asked him to tell me the strength of our team and he says that we do not have a bench press station. He actually works at a cellphone repair store and does this coaching thing part time, but this is not Football M*****r, I can’t just offer him “mutual termination”, or create a “filter” for coaches with “attributes”. I always knew that game was fraudulent.


My scout does not seem reliable either. My chairman said he would make a good scout because he watches a lot of English premiership and La Liga. What does that have to do with signing domestic players? And since I can't sack him, he's here to stay for a year at least.


Don’t let me get started about my head of youth either, how am I supposed to know his determination or professionalism. Looks like this is the real world of coaching, you don't know much about who you hire, you just hope that they are good. He has an Afro like me so that's good. Despite my concerns, I remain optimistic, this gang of misfits are going to do big things, I am sure of that.


As for the players, my assistant who I have no option but to trust him. He says we have a good goalkeeper and a good winger. My first instinct is that he may be right. These are our two best players and I have to build my team around these two.


He also talked about two other players, but the jury is still out on them


On a positive note, I found a nice studio apartment, and it has a nice view of the beach. This should be a nice experience. I also got a bicycle, to move around. The cars and the jewelery will come with time.

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26 minutes ago, kidthekid said:

Gaffer’s Log, Bath, Jamaica, 17 July, 2014

I am finally a manager. It is a dream come true. 


I read this entire thing in a William-Shatner-as-Captain-Kirk voice. 

10/10 would Shatner again.

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2 hours ago, Benjoe said:

Ah yes. A perfect thread for talking about Brøndby, the love of my life (don't tell Jessy!). 

This season has been going up and down. At first it seemed like a great summer, as German keeper Marvin Schwäbe (who's previously in his career been compared a lot to Neuer even touted as the new Neuer) was bought to replace Frederik Rønnow, a bit talent. Teemu Pukki left on a free for Norwich.. but Ante Erceg was bought as a very promising replacement. But then it happened. Was it Hany Mukhtar getting sold? Nope, he stayed. Simon Tibbling? Nein. Christian Nørgaard. ****. A fan favorite, slowly but surely growing towards a potential legend status for the fans. Sold to Fiorentina. Out of nowhere it seemed. That hit hard. And ever since it's been tricky to really find traction for Brøndby as the commanding midfielder has shown more than just a little difficult to replace.

Latest news is the re-acquisition of Besar Halimi, who was with Brøndby last season on a loan from Mainz. He could go into the midfield and help carry some of the attacking duties that seemingly have troubled Hany Mukhtar so far this season as all focus on the defensive side is thrown at him. 

The window closes in a matter of hours. Will Brøndby acquire some assistance for their not-overly sturdy defence? Will they sign an offensive player more to add to a strikeforce that might not be complete?

We'll see.


:lol: This is a Brondby thread after all

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On 30/08/2018 at 00:52, kidthekid said:


Your manager looks a lot like Key and Peele. 

1 hour ago, kidthekid said:

:lol: This is a Brondby thread after all

Aren't they all!

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Gaffer’s Log, Dublin, Ireland. 2 January, 2015

As the title says, I am presently in Dublin but before I talk about that, I have to talk about our season so far.

I can’t complain about how the first half of the season has gone. As a newly promoted side, I thought that the expectation of a 7th place finish out of 12 was a bit unrealistic. In addition, our inconsistent preseason made me worry that I would be fired before December.

The preseason home defeats to lower tier sides made us realize that we needed to strengthen our squad...and that we did. Any player my scout (Judging player ability of 4) recommended, I signed him up immediately for fear that another team might sign him first. We had some flops, where we signed a player only to release him a few days later but we had some great steals and some of those steals are the reason we are first place and remain unbeaten.


In other news, my chairman finally decided to allow me go to Ireland for for some coaching courses. The arrangement is simple, since we are a part time club that only trains 2-3 times a week, I go to Ireland on off-days and then head back to the club to prepare for the next fixture. On occasions where I miss training, my assistant handles it, and he is really proving me wrong. We may become the next great managerial duo like Hakan and Ludwig, that other guy and Zlatan, and Nelson and Mumbu. I should probably start referring to him by his name and not “my assistant”.

The coaching courses have been great. One of my instructors, Mr. Drake is a legend in the game. He won the UEFA champions leagues with Irish club Athlone, Denmark giants Brondby and was doing great things in Mexico before an unfortunate thing happened, the less we speak of this the better. He advised me on how to deal with unhappy players “Let them rot in the reserves!!” he says.

Another instructor is some guy called Michael King, he is a shady character, had a nice spell at West Ham but was in the middle of some controversy with some Welsh FA guy and there was this weird stuff about some random obsessive fan and a prison gang. Again, the less I say, the better. He told me to cuddle my unhappy players with love and affection. What a weird guy.

League Table and fixtures


So the way the second tier works is that there are 4 different conferences. The winner of each conference plays one of the other winners and then winner of that match makes it to the Jamaican Premier league. So only two of the four conference winners make it to the premier league. Hopefully we can sustain this form.

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Granted, the tactical screen has changed since FM15, the match engine has evolved and some new roles have been introduced. I still want to post my tactics for transparency sake. It's basically a 3-1-4-2, with a standard mentality, a fluid shape and lower d line. Some of the TIs are to facilitate pressing and possession. 


The main goal threat is the poacher and the main creators are the CM-support and the left winger. Defensively we are vulnerable because not only do our wingers have low ratings for defending and tracking back, our centre backs are the slowest in the league and most of them are rated below 10 for jumping and heading. What helps us is that we tend to dominate possession so that limits how much opportunities teams have against us. 

My long term aim is to replace our defenders with faster ones, so we can play with a high line, compress the space  and play the kind of football I envision. 

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17 minutes ago, BoxToBox said:

How are you liking the drop deeper/close down more combo? Seems like it could draw opponents forward, hit them quickly and launch a hard counter, especially considering your formation.

most of our goals our scored by passing moves but I would say that goals from long balls over the top have happened more in this save than any other save I've had. It could be that the quality is bad in general but I think the deep line closing down combo helps. The other thing I've noticed is that if we able to win the ball deep we are able to launch a diagonal to one of our wingers and we instantly have a numerical advantage. The deep line is not that bad, at least in Jamaica.

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Youth Intake 2015

So my first intake has arrived. The problem is that with our facilities, I have no idea if these guys are going to develop. I also have a tough time projecting them because my assistant has low ratings for judging potential and some of these guys are probably already maxed out, regardless of what the stars say.

But here it is.


Parnell is the highest recommended player, if the pace could increase a bit, he could be a good poacher at this level. My top goalscorer has a finishing of 5 but pace and acceleration of 12 and 13 and he cleans up...so yeah, pace is everything.

Coates could be good cb for this level but his marking needs work.

Buckley is my wild card. At this level, having 8s and 9s in core attributes makes you an average player, so he's almost there.


I'm signing all of them because I have no reserves, and I think most of them can add depth.

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1 hour ago, noikeee said:

Best thing of this career is "Volvo FC", as a Volvo driver I very much appreciate that, will be supporting them over those frauds Bath.

Personally I just think Star Cosmos have that galactic appeal. The meanwhile the Fraud Baths need cleaning. 

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Gaffer’s Log, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 5 May, 2015

What was a great debut season as a manager ended in disappointment. We finished the regular season unbeaten and a set a record with 19 straight wins. But in the playoffs, we met another unbeaten side Savannah FC and they proceeded to defeat us 2-1 at their home and 2-1 at ours. It was a crushing defeat as in both games we easily could have one. Credit to Savannah FC but we only have ourselves to blame.

I write this in the city of sin but all I can think about are my faulty team selections and the missed chances. Did I react too fast or did I react too slow? I guess I will never know.

We will try again next season. But what if we are the football equivalent to the Buffalo Bills of 91 to 94? No! we can’t be them, we need to right the ship next season.

The good


The pathetic

410499539_Screenshotfrom2018-08-3122-19-20.thumb.png.601ddec3d04044e564df8ae5c11e684e.png 1040731985_Screenshotfrom2018-08-3122-23-27.thumb.png.a6a2136c1b32d8062d70661a391226d0.png



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In other news, we spend money we don't have to expand the stadium by  a few hundred seats.


With regards to facilities, the board agreed to improve our junior coaching but no to training facilities due to lack of funds.

Also there's this.



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7 hours ago, kidthekid said:

most of our goals our scored by passing moves but I would say that goals from long balls over the top have happened more in this save than any other save I've had. It could be that the quality is bad in general but I think the deep line closing down combo helps. The other thing I've noticed is that if we able to win the ball deep we are able to launch a diagonal to one of our wingers and we instantly have a numerical advantage. The deep line is not that bad, at least in Jamaica.

Jamaican me wanna try a deep line in Africa!  (potentially again as I don't remember if I did it before. I know I had Close down much less though)

Also what a start! You'll be at Brøndby in no time at this rate!


8 hours ago, dllu said:

Ah yes, Brøndby fans...

Billedresultat for brøndby hate

Ah yes, SønderjyskE fans.

I have nothing bad to say about the 5 of you.

Image result for haderslev football stadium


Are you from Haderslev yourself? 


10 hours ago, Fer Fuchs Ake said:

This is what we all really came to read.



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Gaffer's Log, Bath, Jamaica.  16 January, 2016.


We are halfway gone in the 2015/2016 season. 2 more seasons to go and it would be like I'm playing FM18.

After winning our conference but not making it through the promotion playoffs; the aim is to go one step further and get promoted. The board expected us to challenge for the title, while the media had us as third favorites to win our conference.


In terms of transfers, we retained most of the players, especially our player of the year in Jason Bartley. We couldn’t retain our goalkeeper who was too good for our league and he knew it, although he is still unemployed and will likely retire at 29. I sent my scout to look of a new goalie but the ones he could find were not much better than our current backup Uriah Ford and even our recent intake. So I promoted my backup to first choice. Funny thing with my back up, is that he was a former grey player and if you look at his attributes, only one attribute is in double digits, a jumping reach of 11, but even funnier, he isn’t even close to the worst starting goalie in our league.

I’m also liking this new approach to transfers. If I have a need, I tell our scout (judging ability of 4) and our DoF (Judging ability of 8) to find me someone, and they usually deliver. I got 2 centre backs, they are slow but at least better in the air than my current crop. Also got two strikers, to reinforce our attack.

I also renewed most of my staffs’ contracts despite their poor attributes. I think it would be weird in real life to fire your staff after going unbeaten and winning a title.

League table and season results


So we finally lost a league game, and it was to our closest challengers. But we have been able to stretch our lead back to 5 points. I think we should be able to hold on for the title but I’m unsure of our chances come playoffs. We seem to be very hit and miss, most of our players seem to be inconsistent, so there are very few players that I trust. Also, our player of the year has been injured a lot, and when he is fit, he has been average. His back up, Lowe has been our best player, so this may be a changing of the guard.

Other news


I get the chance to go get another badge. I wanted to go to France but the prestigious Hakan coaching academy has been busted for fraud or something like that. So it's between Bulgaria, San Marino and Hungary, or all three. We'll see how it goes.



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2016 Youth Intake


This guy had 5 stars


meh, not seeing it. 

As for the rest of intake, I wanted to like some players but they had glaring weaknesses. Like this guy for instance 516858632_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0219-55-18.thumb.png.29f1aee44ec9314fc26ef4810999fb36.png

He could be decent at this level, but his command of area and one one ones probably would not reach 10. A 10 in this level is above average by the way

Or this guy


We can imagine that he gets to a 10 for jumping, heading, positioning,  tackling etc, which makes his good for this level, but his marking and determination makes him liability.

I still signed all of them. I think from my first two intakes, I should get a lot of bench and rotational options in a few years.

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Last update before I call it a day/night. Three games left to go in the league and we already wrapped it up. I can't get too excited, because the promotion playoffs await. And if we don't win the 2 leg affair and get promoted, then I guess we can go for a three-peat.  :rolleyes:



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2016 Season Review

Gaffer's Log, Bath, Jamaica. May 1, 2016

It seems like a case of deja vu. We stroll through the regular season and when it matters most we choke. Defenders make comical errors and our strikers forget how to score. Granted, just before the promotion playoffs, we lose our top scorer and only reliable player, but I expected more.

What I feared the most happened. I do not know what my first team defense is, because everyone of them is capable of the sublime and the embarrassing. Replacing them wouldn’t fix the issue, because the new ones make mistakes as well. It seems the best chance is to ramp up the attack and score more than the others. I have decisions to make in the off season.



We clearly missed Woodhouse

The fans have been supportive. I even got a local endorsement at Parker’s Sparking Cracking Barbecue. If you go in with a Bath FC jersey, you get 50% off their famous jerk ribs and chicken. They also do catering, so all you engaged couples out there, go down with your Bath Jersey and make your wedding the talk of the town.


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2016/2017 Update

After a decent pre-season, we begin the league with two straight defeats. Granted, we dominated both games but defensive errors and missed chances have put us in a precarious positions. But I am not surprised. We spent the off season scouring for better defenders and we get them, what happens, comical errors.

We signed two strikers but they have been injured, so hopefully when they come back, we can right the wrong. 915319400_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0404-56-39.thumb.png.9b818c6251338350ad3a71b932db4640.png720272209_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0405-00-25.thumb.png.f5458b43f886991baf3941aaf0e7d184.png1018236131_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0404-59-47.thumb.png.41b67a20298bf8bf75f200c91143b1de.png2094504145_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0405-01-08.thumb.png.9266984d48240f09c5a3831196852c99.png

This may be the end of an era, like that Klopp's last season at Dortmund. We are predicted to finished 5th and I'm still a favoured personnel, so I'm not worried about my job, but I wouldn't say, I'm 100% committed to this club anymore. If a Jamaican premiership club comes for me, I may consider it.



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2016/2017 Mid Season Update 

Gaffer’s Log, Bath, Jamaica, 2 February, 2017

This season has been a disaster. I have learned a lot from this debacle. Buying Signing too many players just because they are free will cause issues, especially since we only play 22 league games. We are not getting promoted this season, but we have to look forward to next season.

For the first time in a long time of playing FM, I regressed from the season before and we regressed really badly. But in a weird way, I feel inspired. Like it’s a chance to start afresh.


Already looking forward to next season. I’ve released some of our top players already and I also think it’s time to part ways with my assistant and my chief scout. This season is their last. One of our coaches has been promoted to the the role of assistant, similar to how in The Godfather Michael promoted his own guy to the role of consigliere. Nothing against Tom Hagen, Michael just wanted his own guy, so nothing against Jaheel McGowan, (look, I finally said his name). I just need to freshen things up. Besides, this new guy already has a continental pro license. He just kept on going for his badges, the man knows what he wants unlike Jaheel who seemed happy with his National C.

Tactically, we still play some form of 3-1-4-2, although it's now a 3-1-4-1-1, It still works but a back 4 may be more defensively secure, or at least a back 3 with wingbacks. The problem is that defenders are just bad at this level and the fullbacks are even worse, can't defend, can't attack, can't run, you know what, I'll let Charles Barkley say it for me....


So having more of them increases the odds of bad things happening. I probably will persist with the back 3 with wingers.  I just need to make it more potent. Our wingers and strikers have to be our best players going forward. 




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2016/2017 Season Review

Earlier on I conceded the title as we were 10 points behind with 10 games to go. Well, we had a chance on the last day of the season to steal it. We were 2 points behind and we were playing at home, and while first place Lime Hall won their game rendering our game useless, the manner in which we lost was shameful. We hit the post twice, missed a couple one on ones, and they scored from counter three times. Those annoying balls over the top goals. That’s a fitting way to end the season. Our league winning streak ends but I have high hopes for next season.



We also had an intake and it was a good one. Of course, the balance of attributes is always a problem, but I was happy with it.



They could be something. I like Balgrove best. He could make a good defensive winger. Tyrone good be a good big man upfront, needs some work on his technicals though. Barnes lacks the physicals to be a proper CM and he lacks the vision to be a creative static midfielder.

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2017/2018 Midseason report

We started the season well, our defense looked like the real deal, but eventually we returned to our old ways after suffering a bad patch, in Part due to inJuries. We steadied the ship after that and now we are 6 points clear.


In other news, this happened in the first round of the Jamaican cup where we faced a Jamaican premier league side.598941713_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0705-38-43.thumb.png.d9e6873c683922ae9b4f1bac2b58cf06.png289520213_Screenshotfrom2018-09-0705-39-23.thumb.png.23ccddcf19df2e2152672661ce490afa.png

Then this happened


My staff and I after hearing his comments...


Sadly we lost in the next round.

I'm happy with the season, we cleared the squad and gave chances to youth. But sadly in the Jamaican second tier, winning your league doesn't guarantee promotion, hence I've been here for 4 seasons now, way behind schedule.

On a sadder note, I got my continental pro license, but 3 of my staff members have failed after 4 attempts. I've been told that it is because they have maxed out their PA, so why does FM make them continue trying?

Thanks for reading as always

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