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Problem with Thailand's Domestic Cup


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I'm currently testing out the Thai League database for FM 18 by Thailand FM Research (downloaded from here) and I ran into a peculiar problem. The database was fine, the teams and players within it depicted in superb detail, however the one thing that bugs me is the Chang FA Cup (the Thailand equivalent to England's FA Cup). While the other competitions ran annually as usual, the Chang FA Cup apparently ran once every two years (ex. there is a Chang FA Cup in 2018, but it wasn't held in 2019, only to be held again in 2020). At first I thought that it's a one-off glitch, however when I tested the game in the year 2021, the Chang FA Cup wasn't held once again. However Thailand's secondary cup competition, the Toyota League Cup, was held annually every year during the test as usual.

I was wondering if there's a value in the Advanced Rules section of the Editor that I could change in order to make the Chang FA Cup run annually just like in real life? Thanks in advance.

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