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Football Manager Touch 2019 In-Game Editor

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For the Next Version of FM Touch, I would like to be able to buy an in-game editor that allows a manager to edit the details of players, staff, stadiums, board members, clubs, fans, and tournaments. I want to be able to edit everything from a club's transfer budget to its status(which division that club plays at.) I want to be able to edit a player's details from their technical attributes to their personalities. Lastly, I want this unlockable to be able to be earned for free by achieving some goal. I know for the average player this may not be the most pressing issue. For those players, I want to say this: The developers of this game claim that FM Touch is an alternative to the full version, without all of the "pre-match build-up and media circus." If so, then how does it make sense for me to be able to buy the in-game editor on the mobile version of the game as well as the full version, but not on the Touch version? Thank you if you took the time out of your day to read this and consider my points.

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