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We've already had a host of questions coming in here and across social, so to answer some of the more common ones raised, we've created this FAQ below. 

When is Football Manager 2019 out?

Football Manager 2019 is out on November the 2nd, with a pre-release beta period approximately two weeks before.

When is Football Manager Touch/Mobile out?

Football Manager Touch/Mobile 2019 will be released on the same day as Football Manager 2019, November 2nd.

Why aren’t any features being announced?

Not all features are final, we’ll begin to show our exciting new features from late September.

When is the Pre-Release Beta?

The pre-release Beta is out approximately two weeks before release on November the 2nd.

What’s the Pre-Purchase discount?

If you Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2019 before the 1st November you will receive a 10% discount on the product.

When does the Pre-Purchase discount end?

The Pre-Purchase discount bonus ends on the 1st November

Why is the game more expensive at some retailers this year?

The SRP (suggested retail price) has stayed the same. Each retailer will have their own reasons, but if the price is higher in your country than it was last year, it’s most likely down to exchange rate changes or to extra costs, such as full translations at launch.

Do we get Touch included with Football Manager 2019?

Yes, if you buy Football Manager 2019 on Windows or MacOS you’ll get the Football Manager Touch 2019 for Windows/MacOS only, via Steam. For the tablet version you’ll have to purchase that separately as there are no retailers who sell games across tablet & home computer formats.

Can I get the pre-release Beta with a physical purchase?

Pre-release Beta is available from SEGA approved digital retailers only; please check here for an exhaustive list of digital retailers: http://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list

What do I do if I have any issues with purchase?

Please refer to help@sega.co.uk

What do I do if I have any issues relating to the Sega/Scalefast store page?

Refer to store.footballmanager.com/uk/docs/email_support

Why is the game not available for purchase in Brazil?

Sadly, due to licensing restrictions we are legally not currently able to sell the game in Brazil.

Will Football Manager 2019 run on my PC?

Please check out the minimum specifications to run Football Manager 2019 on the Steam Store Page here: fm19.store/Steam

Will Football Manager Touch 2019 run on my Tablet?

We will release a compatibility list for tablets closer to release, keep your eyes peeled.

What's happening with the Nintendo Switch version?

No announcements have been made, as of yet, on Switch. When a decision has been made we'll be able to give more information.

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