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Hi guys,

I have a possible idea for manager media and/or chairman interviews.

Currently, managers have an option to set their tone for each individual question.  Personally speaking, I rarely change this from the default "calm" and can't say I've noticed many others change it too often either.  I'm not sure there's any huge impact unless you go to the extremes regularly.

I thought it may add something to the interview experience if the answers to questions determined the tone of the interview.

For example, if you have a pre-match interview and your answers are suggesting the players are pumped up and excited, this could mean that your tone automatically adjusts towards aggressive.  This could possibly adjust answers to the following questions as well.

In another situation, during contract negotiations with the chairman for instance, this could mean that repeatedly giving assertive answers may make the meeting soon come too aggressive affecting your relationship with the chairman etc.

This could mean that the existing system that uses responses to determine relationships with the various parties you come in to contact with would receive more feedback and enhance that relationship aspect further.



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