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[sugestion] intentional fouls to prevent counter attacks


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One thing I’ve been seeing more and more in football matches is offensive teams intentionally fouling opponents to prevent counters.

In the world cup for instance I’ve seen this “strategy” beeing used by Brazil, Belgiun and even France against smaller team, just to cite a few.

in FM this is something we usually strugle with when playing offensively as there is no way to ask players to foul without setting agressive tackles and risking being booked.

Does any one else feel it would be a good addition? Any chance we’ll see this in the next game os in the future?

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Ummmm not sure -  I don't think it will make it in though as SI have said on a number of occasions they don;t want to bring in any of the 'negative' aspects of football into the game.

I guess intentional fouls are classed as 'negative' as it is a considered breach of the rules, and therefore, technically, cheating. Although there is a specific yellow card offence of 'breaking down a promising attack'.

I'm guessing it's the same reason we don't see the Neymar-rolling when a player is fouled.

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As a counter argument - as the original post said - this is undeniably a part of the game. Many times a player will deliberately foul a player to stop the action and the card is taken into full consideration. This isn't a breach in the rules - if it was it would be treated much harsher than just a yellow. This is a bend in the rules - fouls are part of the match. Nowhere in the rules it is said that players should commit fouls so by that logic every foul is a breach of the rules of a clean game. What differentiates the tactical fouls is the context - in what moment the foul has been committed, where, how was the counter shaping - for us it's a tactical foul, for the rulebook it's just a foul. Also, how are treated the fouls that are committed on the player is in the clear? By the rules if the player is one on one and has an occasion and is fouled that's a straight red. And that is also a tactical foul. 
I don't think a specific command should be added, just the behavior of the players based on their attributes like decisions or anticipation  (mental stats rooted into the tactical sense, not those which take part in the normal fouls like aggression or concentration)

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