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When the AI uses a 3 striker formation.

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Ok, how to mount some sort of resistance to this?

I'll be cruising along, dominating opponents, then I run into an AI team, any team, that uses a base formation with three central strikers. They can be bottom of the league with garbage players, it doesn't matter, they run riot and make my previously rock solid defence look stupid.

Tried, 3,4, & 5 man defences, 2 holding players, played wide, narrow, high, deep, tight marking, loose marking, high closing, no closing,...... nothing makes any difference. That AI team which hasn't won in months suddenly look like Brazil 1970.

If I push up they punt it over the top, and my defenders stand and watch the AI strikers run onto it. If I drop deep, those AI players with single digit passing and technique start knocking it around like the tiki-taka Barca sides, and cut right through me without fail. 


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