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Do bonuses count towards FFP?

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If I give players reasonable wages with good performance bonuses, is that better than good wages with no bonuses? If that makes sense...

In my current game I have reached season 2 with Liverpool having won a couple of trophies. My second season transfer budget wasn't great despite not actually spending much in season one, but since Keita was arriving I wasn't sure if that money would also be removed on July 1st. I saved in early June and quickly skimmed forward to July to see what happens - along the way I renewed some contracts of Key Players using the "remove and exclude from negotiations" for each bonus, which increased their weekly wage a decent amount. By July we were expected to fail Premier League FFP regulations on wage rises.

Thankfully that was only a quick test run to see what happens with Keita. I reloaded and did the month of June "properly", only this time I refused to improve any contracts (worried about the future FFP). I do want to give Salah, Firmino, Robertson, Gomez etc new contracts (they are champions after all), but which is the best way to do it to avoid FFP trouble?

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