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[FM18] The Fortified City of Mdina - The Knights Quest


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Mdina Knights Football Club

Mdina is a fortified city that once served as the island's Capital city up to the medieval period. The city is still confined within it's walls, with a population of under 300 people, however with the suburb of Rabat this grows to a population of 12,000. The Knights, as the team is nicknamed were found in 2006 and with an empty trophy cabinet, the Knights are a team hungry for success and start the long road to glory not only in Malta, but across Europe too. 


Medina, the fortified walled city from the outside

Knights welcome Charles Amber as New Manager

The unknown Englishman, who roots from Malta may not be who fans were after, but it is who the board have chosen to lead the team. A Semi-Professional player with only a National C Licence, will be looking to gain experience with the Amateur club. With no wage budget to look after, but currently two loan players eating into valuable funds, tough decisions are to be made for Amber and his team of coaches himself, as the club doesn't have any other staff members.

Facilities - League Preview - Kit Overview - Finances



Malta National Team currently 180th in the World

Once Malta were riding on the crest of a wave with a World Ranking of 66th in 1995, but now find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel with nations like Andorra and San Marino. As part of the story, if the opportunity comes to manage the National Team, taking them to glory (or multiple victories) will be high on the priority list. 

Malta National Team Overview - 2017 Fixtures 


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