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Make the RWB the playmaker?

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I've been running with this for a while now:


It was an idea I had while I had an AC Milan game going.  I wanted to make the RWB play as a pseudo-playmaker (I suspect England stole my idea with Trippier).  At AC Milan I used Giacomo Bonaventura as the RWB and then later Federico Chiesa and when the ball went down the right it worked perfectly.  The problem is, when I try and use explight flank it doesn't do exactly what I'm after.  Clar ball to flanks will defeat the purpose I feel (I haven't tried that yet but will now).  My theory was to have the IWB as he should push forward like a wingback as there is noone in front of him but also as he has roaming as an option he will move into intelligent spaces like a winger usually would.


Is there a way I can get play to organically funnel down the right rather than the left?



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3 minutes ago, w_x said:

Does 'exploit the right flank' not work because your IWB is cutting inside from the right flank and isn't there to pass to?

IWB doesn't cut in if there is no-one in front of him

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Exploit the flanks doesn't work how you wanted because it likely doesn't do what you think it does. What the shout really does is;

Exploit The Flanks – It gives the fullback/wingbacks and wingers more attacking and focuses the play down both flanks. It also tells them to run from deep and cross the ball more often. If you use central midfielders then it’ll tell them to hold up the ball. 

If you want the wingback to be the playmaker then ask the keeper to distribute the ball to him so he gets it early enough? Don't use a real playmaking role next to him as they'll attract the ball instead of him. For natural playmaking out of him, you just need to ensure that the roles you use that are likely to distribute the ball, are all able to get it to him if they choose its the correct option. In the picture above that options would be the DLP and would be forced. A more natural approach would be to have no playmaker and then allow the players to pass to him. You also use 2 BPD's who naturally hit the ball long and look for line breaking passes more regular to the midfield/attacking players. So again you're bypassing the player you want to be involved in play naturally.

Currently as things stand, all of this means that the IWB will be the fall back option rather than a primary one. I think you're focusing on what the player is doing when the real issue is what everyone else is doing. Look how they currently distribute the ball due to their roles etc.

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An interesting idea, things I would do if I were trying to make my RWB the main playmaker in that system.

- Get rid of all the other playmaking type roles in the team (BPD, DLP & Treq). As there isn't any way of making the RWB a ball magnet it is important that there aren't any other ball magnets in the tactic.

- Take him off the attack duty and put him on a support duty so that he is more involved in the buildup phase of attacks.

- Have my GK attempt to distribute to the RWB

- I'd lower the mentality. As his starting position is so deep, he really needs time and a more patient buildup in order to get into advanced positions on the pitch. I'd also want him sitting narrower as I'd want him to get into central areas more frequently.

- I'd reduce the Fluidity of the Team Shape. As I want a specific type of behaviour from the team in that they should funnel all my buildup play through the RWB I would want to restrict the creative freedom of the other players and also increase the divergence between individual mentalities. 

- I agree that it is also beneficial to allow him greater freedom to roam with the PI. I think that Off the Ball movement is critical for playmakers in order for them to find space to receive the ball and that attribute needs to be among the best in the league.

- I'd also think about who is creating the space ahead of him and think about how to prevent congestion of the central areas which given the formation could become a real problem. Given that I'd consider changing the duty of the LWB otherwise you'll have hardly any width at all which is going to make defending against your team a lot easier for the opposition. 

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Agree with cleon... get rid of DLP and BPD... create a couple of roles, that if they were to get the ball and look up, the IWB would be their best option. i.e. a DM-s with short passing either at DMC or DMRC. Maybe shift the BWM to RCM ... so you win the ball on that side of the pitch. BWM in possession is also more likely to look for a quick easy ball... so would pass to IWB.

On top of this... think a bit more about what the IWB can do when he receives it. By 'playmaker' do you just want more touches and involvement? Or do you want him to be main supply to strikers? In which case... do you need the AM? that could be a player you drop to DM. Maybe you also switch the right sided striker to attack duty (CF-A) or drop to a right adjusted AM as shadow striker... that way the IWB has someone making aggressive runs ahead of him...and if he can supply them they will be in on goal.


without too much thought, maybe something like this... with also cleons idea GK set to distribute to IWB. As he progresses, most likely up the line, occasionally inside, he would have SS making run into box... or switch ball to the attacking CM or drifting CF. BWM and DM on support should offer safe option behind.


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Interesting what you say about the DLP.  I thought having him on the same side would mean the RWB would be in a position to receive the next pass.  What you said makes a lot of sense though

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I played around and didn’t get what I wanted but had another thought - if the LWB and BWM are seeing heaps of the ball why not get better players for those positions rather than adjusting my tactic?  It worked. I got Hampton & Richmond to League 2 with xonsecutive promotions and have had immense success with AC Milan, Stuttgart and Wolverhampton. I reckon I might take it to Everton or Houston shortly for some more success

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