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England fined 50k by Fifa for wearing 'unauthorised socks'

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The FA has been fined 70,000 Swiss francs (£50,000) after Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Raheem Sterling wore "unauthorised" socks at the World Cup.

The players wore branded ankle support socks over official Nike socks, ignoring a Fifa warning to stop.

Fifa said the FA's fine was for "breaching media and marketing regulations and the Fifa equipment regulations".

The fine followed England's quarter-final win over Sweden.

Fifa said several England players "continued to display unauthorised commercial branding on playing equipment items before and during the quarter-final match between Sweden and England".

The Swedish FA has also been punished with the same fine for a similar sock offence earlier in the tournament.

That makes it the joint second highest fine at the World Cup behind Argentina's 105,000 Swiss franc (£80,000) punishment after their fans threw objects and chanted homophobic abuse.

If I was the FA, I'd tell the players to keep wearing them and pay the fine as they'll make their money back on the world cup run.

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25 minutes ago, sebsy said:

So, homophobic abuse and throwing foreign objects is only 60% worse than wearing the wrong socks. Fair enough.

Always been the same with Fifa hasnt it? They claim they want to stamp out racism/homophobia, but dont do much to actually bother

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