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Semi Final 2: Croatia Vs England (ITV, KO @19:00)

Who will win and go through to the World Cup Final?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Croatia
    • England

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1 minute ago, Analog said:

Why do England look so gassed?

We're just not very good, we had a great start and nerves probably got to Croatia but at half time they realised what an opportunity this is and turned up whilst England have hit their ceiling tbh.

I called a 1-1 draw and England to win 2-1 aet and still think we'll sneak it though.

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Hope I'm wrong but I can't see us winning this, especially as Gareth has no clue about making subs at the right time.

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Just now, CFuller said:

Extra-time. I still make Croatia favourites, to be honest.

France must be loving this right now.

Both teams have shown a lot of weaknesses and barring some crazy circuimstances France should easily win.

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Someone really has to have a word!

When England needed a push from the crowd the crowd starts singing "God save the Queen", ffs the sooner you guys ditch that the better, such a terribly boring song.

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Just now, Rio_V said:

How Croatia are still lively is a mystery. 

Front 3, Vrsaljko and Brozović are well known to have extreme levels of endurance.

Modrić and Rakitić are surprising, though.

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This is Euro 96 and Italia 90 all over again isnt it.

Instead of losing to the Krauts on penalties, we lose to the Croats on penalties.

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1 minute ago, dking said:

And Rashford is so much better than Sterling.

It's not really Rashford's fault, he can't play like Sterling (yet) just doesn't have the football intelligence. It's not a sub that should happen, Rashford should be coming on for Kane or as part of 4-3-3 formation switch.

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Just now, Hodgy said:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkk :mad::(:seagull:

Why do we have to suffer as England fans, we invented football so it's our sport ffs, let us win!!! :D

Run. That. Bath.

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