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[FM18] The Last King of Scotland - From the Highlands to European Glory


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14 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Great save and great progress mate, 7-0 v Rangers though?!?!

What set-up / tactics do you use? Asking for a friend ;) lol

3-5-2 - Attacking and the more defensive one for the games I'm not meant to do well in! Has worked well for a while!



13 hours ago, Timetxu said:

Yes, a "disappointing" top-half finish. SI really needs to check out the board expectations/happiness thing.

I was a little surprised by that remark! But hey, I'll take this every year as a disappointing season!!


9 hours ago, Benjoe said:


Wh-where... *eye twitch* where is the hexagon!?!?! 

But solid players! Great Bowden was a massive steal and Stuart is a quality defender too!

Fraser must be doing some kind of playmaker duty for you?



Pity! You got so close! Funny to see Vinicius Junior for Barca though.


And great follow up season! Getting there!

I'll look into getting the hexagons up! Bowden is a pure steal, literally bent them over! Fraser tends to play advanced playmaker but can play anywhere across the central mid.

Thanks, still think Celtic are a way off yet and may be a few more frustrating seasons to get that first Premiership!

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Fort William 2029/30 - Season 13 Preview - Scottish Premiership - Predicted 4th

Related image

Season Preview

Well, this might be the quietest preseason for The Fort as only 2 players came in, both on free transfers. With all players William Murray was interested in being priced out the move, or already playing abroad and not going to come back, these signings were perfect to add a little depth to the squad. It will not set the world on fire, but with a 2nd place finish and getting close to Barcelona last year, was many changes needed? The biggest challenge will be keeping all the players here and happy....



If, and that is a big if William Murray can keep the likes of Ian Bowden and Kane Inglis, this partnership will only help Fort William to win the League. But with teams sniffing around them and several times they have both asked to move, it may only be delaying what will probably happen. Apart from that, it's same old from last season! The big hope for me this year is if John Campbell can claim a starting spot as he looks a good one!


Europe - Champions League

Another season and another chance to play in the Champions League! Rosenborg from Norway and one more team stands in that way of the group stages once more.



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Hmm, gunna give your team instructions a wee go with my Airdrie team when I come up against the big boys in the league to see if I can get some better results against them and maybe seal my 1st Premiership with them. I'm in January and still competing so hoping this is my year, at least bag a Champions League spot for the first time.


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Champions League Update - Best Placed Play-offs

It wasn't smooth sailing as one goal was the difference with Rosenborg, coming in the home tie thanks to Ian Bowden! The second leg saw Fort William go 2-0 to lead 3-0 on aggregate, but 2 goals in 2 minutes left a tantaslising last 20 minutes but Fort William held on. A huge drubbing in the home leg 5-1 against Shaktar looked to have sealed the tie. Playing a weakened team almost came back to haunt The Fort was they went 3-0 down in 31 minutes and the Ukranian side looked to be fully in control. Kane Inglis managed to get one back before the half to settle the ship, and bringing on Ian Bowden sae him score 2 more and made sure of the big win!+



Champions League Group Stages

Wow, just wow! This looks a bloody hard group and may not get much here at all! Celtic were a top seed and have AC Milan, OM and Besiktas in another tough group.


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On 29/08/2018 at 09:28, metallimuse said:

Hmm, gunna give your team instructions a wee go with my Airdrie team when I come up against the big boys in the league to see if I can get some better results against them and maybe seal my 1st Premiership with them. I'm in January and still competing so hoping this is my year, at least bag a Champions League spot for the first time.


Wingbacks! They are the key in this formation, they run and run and get plenty of opportunity to put crosses in so they are vital. Midfield 3 tend to clump up a little which is annoying but havent changed it as we tend to do the business.

On 29/08/2018 at 16:17, kidthekid said:

what an amazing save. Great read from the start. 

Thank you, glad you have enjoyed! Hopefully many more seasons to go, plenty to win still here!

11 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Owww I'm loving this new look report, very nice.

Doing well buddy, look at all that cash as well! Pumping it into facilities and coaching I presume?

How's John Campbell doing?

When did The Poch join the great unwashed?

Thanks! had been toying with the idea of the report for a while and thought I would give it a go and see how it looks and works! Definitely keeps it tidy! The money is all Europe and a little from Scottish Cup. £11,000,000 for getting to the Champions League group stages still helps. Putting it all into facilities but they are soooooo poor its going to be at least 5 years to get them to any standard.

John Campbell is on the fringe of the first team, either starting or coming on from the bench. I think he will be a full time starter by next year and Poch has been there for 3 seasons now! And boy does he have a team that should beat most now!

11 hours ago, Timetxu said:

This presentation is sharp! I was already loving this thread, but this really adds something :D

Great to hear, I liked it and wish I had done it sooner now! Just got to build it for pre-season/end of season then it's easy to fill in and keep it all tidy!

I guess maybe next years story can use it from day one when I have a laptop that can also keep up!

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4 hours ago, Benjoe said:

You added the hexagon. Image result for heart eye emoji

Lovely stuff man. Great fight in Champions League and smashing the league. 

Hope you edge out Celtic in the last 2!

I did, was making sure I try to add them in ;) Champions League really shows the gulf in class between the good teams, and the great teams! My all Scottish warriors hold their own tho most games!

Celtic, I still think they have the edge but I guess we shall see....

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On 01/09/2018 at 21:40, Clarky323 said:

Congratulations on winning the SPL! I think I posted a while back that you would be the ones who stopped Celtic ;)


Absolutely loving the way you present the updates too :thup:

You did, although Rangers did beat us to it for one season! Now the hard part, doing it again as they are pretty rich so can see them spending some money which I don't think I will be doing as there are very few Scottish prospects to buy!

Thank you, definitely glad i changed it up on the presentation although it does add some time to each update.

On 01/09/2018 at 21:48, Sysiphus said:

Amazing feat! The layout is superb as well. 

Really looking forward to seeing your first youth player come through the ranks to make it. Can't believe the Fort have done you so dirty with the stadium name!

Thank you, the layout is working nicely so far! I think the keeper could get some games but I'm quite strong there with the current Scottish Keeper and a good prospect but I hope every year to start getting some youth players into the first team. 

The stadium name hurts, almost tempted to leave....

On 02/09/2018 at 00:26, kidthekid said:

amazing progress indeed. Surprised by the facilities though

The facilities are pretty poor, wouldn't let me upgrade for years and years! Lots to catch up now with them.

20 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Great job winning the title.

Thank you, was surprised to win it with how tight it was for most the season.

8 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Wahey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party time in the Fort! Magnificent job there pal and buzzing to see how this keeps panning out.

I can't believe how much John Campbell improved over the season! 

Party time indeed!! Genuinely thought it was gonna be close but no cigar then Celtic crumbled after losing the Champions League game to Man United. I actually think we would go quite far in the Euro Cup now, if we struggled in the Champions League group stages.

Campbell is a machine, just started to improve hugely and now one the first names on the team-sheet!

On 31/08/2018 at 00:03, Rikulec said:

These new updates are beautiful. :thup:

Thank you, glad everyone is enjoying them! Something a little different!

On 31/08/2018 at 16:31, Chockers1 said:

Great series & love the update style my man - top work

Thank you! Glad the updates are going down well!

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If it's not too much trouble would you mind adding in the player age when you show your squad screen? Just I'm interested to see where you'd be hoping for regens to come in or when certain players are coming up to be changed.

Looking at your keepers (without the age) I'd be looking to get Johnson game time this year to get him as good as Paton and then move Paton on Johnson and Milne have better potential.


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I hate when my club gets bought out, hopefully new board aren't too demanding.

Totally misread the update though and thought you had a Chaps League group of Man Utd, PSG and Juventus :ackter:

Thanks for putting in the age, looking at your squad I'd be wanting to get a new RB and I'd be moving on McKay.

Why are you more likely to be playing McKenzie over Ellis at LB?

Also, where are you playing your AMC's? As MC's? Are you retraining them?

Love the look of the squad though, young and performing for you but I think with scope for the future. I can see regens coming through to challenge soon hopefully even though the team is so young.

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