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[FM18] The Last King of Scotland - From the Highlands to European Glory


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Fort William 2026/27 - Season 10 Preview - Scottish Premiership - Predicted 12th

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Season Preview 

Fort William are in the big time of Scottish Football and look forward to filling out Claggan Park when the likes of Celtic and Rangers visit. With one expectation, survive and then thrive. Fort William are up for the challenge, let the adventure begin!


After fighting me to increase the scouting range for Europe, this little gem popped up right at the start, better hire a couple more scouts!

Squad and Transfers

After initially rounding up some fantastic talent from around the globe and soon finding myself flying high in the league, I decided that this was the wrong way to go for the save. It kinda felt cheesy and too easy to just to load up on foreign talent, so I found an older save from the start of the season and went again, this time keeping my squad and looking to add Scottish players! There are some players that look out of depth, but let's see how they do. If i need to make changes and buy more, the January window will have to come to the rescue.

As you can see, I rejected most players as I did not want to stretch the wage budget and stay below that £1,000 per week mark and some players wanted £8,000 per week, crazy talk! Let's see how this team can do!



We are still doing ok from our Scottish Cup run in 2022/23 money wise. We managed to sell some players last year and cashed in on a £496,000 sell on clause from Paul MacLeod making his transfer worth £1,250,000 in total. Wage Budget is around the £29,372 and currently we are under, spending £15,820 so plenty of room to spare!



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13 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

The average attendance has been poor! I know we are out of the way but in the Championship and still under 1,000 fans. Just a real struggle to get fans to the games. Hopefully that will change in the big time. But a new stadium will be a must!

Maybe get the board to build an airport right next to the stadium... ;) 

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From what I can gather the attendance is more linked to your clubs reputation rather than league position and over achievement.

I remember in FM14 I started a journeyman and ended up at Gateshead who were in Conference Premier or whatever it's called.

They have a great stadium with a 11,500 capacity I think, something large anyways.

Over 5 years I took them up to the Championship but the attendance just would not rise and the most I was getting was 3000 which is ridiculous so I asked on here about it and was told it was more to do with your clubs reputation.

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10 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Oww a big foreign influence coming into the club, you've changed now you've hit the big time lol.

Solid start to the campaign.


Yup, and this i regret as it's just ruined the game!

As with the above, 15 games in, 10 wins and looking too good, I have taken the decision to reload an earlier save and NOT just sign lots of Europeon talent as its just too easy to do that. I haven't got a save that is right at the beginning but I have one where minimal signings are done so will re-load and update from there.

10 wins in the premiership and destroying a few teams 5 and 6 nil is not what I want for this save or career. 

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On 31/07/2018 at 10:13, metallimuse said:

I remember in FM14 I started a journeyman and ended up at Gateshead who were in Conference Premier or whatever it's called.

They have a great stadium with a 11,500 capacity I think, something large anyways.

Gateshead play at the international athletics stadium, which is why it is so large for their size.

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I tend to agree with Javier. Playing the same teams 4 four times gets repetitive and boring to me.

On the other hand, the playoffs mean that with a bit of luck, you can progress fairly quickly.

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Season 10 Update - August to October

Just catching up on where I got to in the game before I lost power and after the re-start of the season! As you can see, things are still going much better than expected, mainly due to the goals from Ian Bowden who has scored 10 iin 12 games. Andrew Macrae is holding his own despite his 2 star rating with 9 goals, but he is very hit and miss with 9 goals coming in only 3 games. He is the feel good story of the season so far, he will need replacing at some point but for now, I'm more than happy to give him the game time and his deserved shot in the big time!


Well, the big shocker is Celtic who had 4 points from 6 games, but seem to be winning games again. Rangers have an 11 point lead on them after 10 games but I still fancy Celtic to catch them by games 30-35! The Fort are flying high in 3rd, but I think that is mainly due to other teams struggling also as 1 loss could see us in 7th. I do not expect us to carry on this form, but we are still only 6 points from a relegation spot so every point is vital this season.


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On 07/08/2018 at 03:39, JavierChicharito14 said:

Would be a nightmare for Celtics if Fort Wiilliam were in Premiership IRL :lol:

As I said in other thread, always admire ppl devoting time into Scottish League 

I'm not sure that's a journey they would like, but the Scottish leagues tend to get avoided, but it's been a fun ride so far!!

On 08/08/2018 at 21:21, dllu said:

I tend to agree with Javier. Playing the same teams 4 four times gets repetitive and boring to me.

On the other hand, the playoffs mean that with a bit of luck, you can progress fairly quickly.

Yup, the 4 times a season is definitely different, I'll see in a few seasons if its a chore or still fun! The hardest one was the first league getting out the Highland League!! 

20 hours ago, BluesGuy said:

What's going wrong with Ross County???

Absolutely noooooo idea! Solid top 6 team year on year but this season, just not good at all. Looked at their team, got some expensive players on there so can't see a real weakness!

14 hours ago, Chockers1 said:

wow what a read

just sat and read through the lot

excellent journey so far, looking forward to following going forward

Thank you! Has been good fun so far and definitely has plenty of legs for many more seasons. Thanks for checking in and glad you've enjoyed the story.

9 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Ya dancer yer back! Been checking in every day at work waiting for an update ;)

No laptop for a week or two was not fun either!! Time to crack on with this season!!


Thanks for all the comments, ready to get back and see how this season does.

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Season 10 - Scottish Permiership - November to January Update

As predicted, the placebo effect with promotion and playing above our ability when a run of 6 defeats in 8 games saw us start to slide down the table. However, a 2-2 draw in that run against Celtic has to be one of the best results of the season for us, seems they beat us easily the next two games. The end of the year started the 4 game league win streak which has all but sealed our survival for the season unless we don't win any more points all season. We are still heavily relying on 19 year old striker, Ian Bowden to win games for us. He Allan Stuart both had a small wobble with wanting to join a bigger club, but both saw the potential we had and were happy to stay, phew!!!


We have solidified out position in the league and hopefully we can secure a top 8 finish, which would be magnificent for The Fort! I think a top 6 might be out of our reach this year, but with some work we may just get there! Much to my surprise, and probably everyone else in Scotland, Celtic have only gained 2 points on Rangers as they still have an 8 point lead at the top of the table. Once again, everyone else is fighting for scraps and to get into Europe.


As you can see, this is the magnitude of what we are up against with out small wage bill. Oh and the small matter of us finally filling our stadium out, not much of a task when it's only holding 1,800. Better ask the board about that, not sure I'll like the answer!


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Season 10 - Scottish Premiership - Feb to April Update

Well, The Fort did their part in trying to help Celtic regain the title again as they shocked long time leaders Rangers with a 2-1 victory! I'll take that unexpected victory any day of the week. I won't get use to it tho, might be a while until it happens again.


As you can see we are very boom or bust with the only outcome being a win or a loss! The Rangers game was the biggest win of our career but Ian Bowden enjoyed his hat-trick with a 3-0 win over Aberdeen. We ended on a high with two 3-0 wins over the bottom two teams and we pretty much stayed in the same 6th position for the last 3 months. 


But, that was good enough for us to secure the top 6 finish and the harder task of playing the top 5 teams again. Moving above Aberdeen looks a task too difficult, but we will give it our best shot and hope their run of 3 games lost in a row continues. In the top of the table news, Celtic have really struggled to close the gap and with a 7 point gap, it looks like Celtic's 15 year reign as the King's of Scotland might be over.....


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Euro-dreaming? It's probably going to end in heartache....

In what turned out to be a stunning performance, what looked unlikely at the final stage might just happen as the 3-1 win over Aberdeen may have just sealed 5th place for Fort William and what would hopefully be, a European place in their first season in the Scottish Premiership.


All that stood in the way, was Champions Rangers. With a victory looking unlikely, unless Rangers were already on the part bus, it looks like Fort William will need help from Celtic to deny Aberdeen that point that may be enough to take back 5th place. All to play for on the final day of the season, can the impossible happen or will it be a step too far for the brave Fort William challenege?


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9 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Oh my days how can you leave that there? I'm proper buzzing to see.

Mon the Rangers! Ending the Hoops domination finally.

Surely that is the idea....... to leave people in suspense? :applause:And yes, finally for Celtic to lose, Can't believe it has taken this long, they are "Rich" in the game so I can see some mega money being spent this summer.

But what a week, work is draining me so this is a lovely release but for now, I need rum..... And then we continue the story later.



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Did we make it to Europe......

Well, we missed a penalty to take a lead and ended up paying the price as Rangers were in no mood to party just yet and wanted to end the season on a high. The 3-0 scoreline could really have been more, and Fort William would have to wait for the result of the Celtic vs Aberdeen game to see if it was heartbreak or dreamland and somehow ending up 5th and qualifying for the Euro Cup. All that could be done now, was wait.....











Celtic also smashed Aberdeen 3-0 and with that, 5th place was secured in the final weeks of the season, some how Fort William were going to be playing in Europe next season. Still, not sure our 1,800 (400 seated) ground is quite up to scratch now, hopefully the board will grant an extension!

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Fort William 2026/27 - Season 10 Review - Scottish Premiership - 5th

Related image

League Table / Fixtures 1 / Fixtures 2Best 11Overall Best 11 / Commercial


With the expectations low, a 12th place relegation battle was on the cards. After a great start to the season, it was boom or bust each week as we either won or lost. Never really in threat of relegation, mid table looked the most likely outcome early on in the season and a slow push from 7th to 6th was enough to secure a spot in the "split". Aberdeen were in a tight spot and were struggling to win games. A crunch win over Hearts set up Fort William with a chance to overtake Aberdeen in an almost winner takes all game. A huge 3-1 win gave Fort William the edge and 5th place, only needing to equal Aberdeen's result on the final game of the season, which funnily enough they did when both teams lost 3-0. A hugely successful season with a predominately home grown Scottish squad!



A young, Scottish squad and the main aim was to keep hold of key youngsters, especially Ian Bowden and Allan Stuart. Bowden was a different level and lead all scorers in the League to land top scoring honors. Despite a couple of wobbles to want to join a bigger club, hopefully the 5th place finish and the chance to play in Europe will keep him here. Somehow Andrew Macrae chipped in with 16 goals despite lacking in the quality needed. Loan signings will need to be replaced and some added quality will be needed to compete with the top 4 teams and whatever Europe may throw at The Fort.

Stadium Expansion

Well....... it wasn't the massive move or upgrade I had wished for, but I guess it does double capacity when it happens! Moving to Victoria Park in GLASGOW is far from ideal! I've got a feeling this won't be the only season we have to play 2 and a half hours away!


New Deal 

Well, if I wasn't going to get a long term deal now, when was I? 3 years will do and a happy board with turning down several "bigger" job interviews.


Money Money Money

Every little helps!!


And now the fun starts... building for the new season and a massive new adventure into Europe, probably not for long but I'll take any exposure we can get!


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Fort William 2027/28 - Season 11 Preview - Scottish Premiership - Predicted 9th

Related image

Season Preview / Transfers

Well, at least they don't think we shall be relegated, but might still be down the bottom. Me, I hope we crack the top 6 again. With a £4,580,000 war chest at my disposal, I've had to go forward with a transfer policy of investing in youth for the future as we just cannot compete or offer the wages of the bigger teams. One player we was after was on £9,750 a week in the Championship, our maximum wage at the minute is about £1,000.


Go big or go home is the message from William Murray. Putting his faith in his scouts and their ability to see future talent, £3,200,000 has been spent on players with the clubs record transfer getting smashed with striker Kane Inglis coming in for £1,400,000. There is hope at 16 he can develop into the player we think he can be, but it's a huge gamble that will either cost The Fort for years to come or set up a life-long strike partnership with Ian Bowden. John Ellis is an interesting prospect who looks to come in as a left wingback, after putting some hours in on the training ground to become a threat at that position.




And Finally... Europe




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Euro Cup 2nd Qualifying Round

In the 11th season, Fort William have made it into Europe and landed what on paper looks a good chance to progress! Icelandic side Breidablik will be the opposition and to be honest, the first leg was a dream start. Ian Bowden continued to be the goal scoring machine we wanted him to be as he linked up well with a player we have had on loan before Kevin Wilson  (2023/24 Champtionship 18 goals in 32 games) as they combined for 4 goals and 3 assists. A massive 4-0 win for The Fort and what a start!!


We also set a record high gate receipt!


29 Brave Fort William fans made the trip to Iceland and the club decided to pay for the tickets to the game for them for the effort they made. A slightly rotated team was picked with the Premiership season opener only a few days away. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be on the day but thankfully the early goal had made it virtually impossible to lose the tie, and with a 5-3 aggregate win, Fort William progress to the next stage.


It wouldnt take long to find our next opposition, AA Gent from Belgium. This would be a whole different task then Iceland and Fort William would be heavy underdogs. It's not an easy game for Gent and Fort William will fancy themselves to grab something at home!



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Euro Cup 3rd Qualfying Round - Leg 1 - AA Gent vs Fort William

With 19,019 (A massive 19 away fans) in the Ghelamco Arena, everything looked set for AA Gent to assert their dominance and put the sword to The Fort. Changing from the usual attacking 3-5-2, this turned into a more cautious counter attacking 3-5-2, not looking to give any easy goals away. The first 10 minutes was all Fort William on the front foot and peppering the Gent goal, much to the displeasure of the home fans. The dream start was confirmed on the 12th minute when Fraser Patterson's telling pass found Kevin Wilson at the by-line to fire a telling ball all the way across the 6 yard box and prolific Striker Ian Bowden tapped the ball in from 4 yards out. The underdogs were on top and now had a goal to their name.

In wonderland, it wouldn't take long for a second to arrive as new signing John Ellis took the ball out wide from James Dunn. Ellie put a low cross into the box which Kevin Wilson took nicely, controlled and took the early shot which he saw fly off the post. WIth the quickest reactions, he was the first onto the ball and with the keeper on the floor still, had the simple task to just hit the back of the net. 27 minutes into the game, the home fans in shock with the small highland club winning 2-0.

The rest of the game followed the same pattern with Gent struggling to get a shot on target all game. Things got worse for them when on the 72nd minute, after 3 subs they had a man go off injured. Fort William tried to kill the game off, changing to an attacking mentality but couldn't find a 3rd goal despite 21 shots, but no-one predicted a 2-0 away lead to take "home". Unfortunately for the Fort, Gary McCord tore his hamstring and will now be out for 2-3 months.


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Euro Cup - 3rd Qualifying Round Leg 2 - Fort William vs AA Gent


Playing in Inverness was almost an away game for this home game, but sometimes you run out of worlds to describe a performance, and that performance from star striker Ian Bowden on the European stage was one of pure magnificent quality. His 5th goal, a lovely chip over the keeper showed he was a player high on confidence and really put the game to bed with his first half hat-trick. But to score 5 goals in one game, against a side like Gent was a performance no-one will forget anytime soon. Luckily he has 3 years left on his current deal, but sometime soon I feel we may have to break the bank and the wage structure to keep him.....


As for who we meet in the next round.... we won't have long to wait but I can't believe the performance we put in tonight.

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Its SK Brann..... Off to Norway we shall go! Excited by the prospect of this game as we missed out on Tottenham, Sparta Prague and Torino as seeded teams we could have faced! They should be the better side but with the way Ian Bowden has taken to playing in Europe, I like our chances.


Full draw as below.


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37 minutes ago, Rikulec said:

This looks doable. :thup:

This is what I thought, although the result below doesn't help things.....

Euro Cup - 4th Qualifying Round Leg 1 - Fort William vs SK Brann

It was one of those games where The Fort could have scored 5 or 6, but ended up with nothing as they battered SK Brann all game but could not manage to find the target. Ian Bowden had multiple shots from scoring positions but could not hit the target. The day was summed up when Kevin Wilson's shot came off the cross bar, looked to have bounced over the line before being cleared was judged not to go over the line. Nothing was going to go in.

To add insult to injury, one of only a handful of attacks from SK Brann ended up in the back of the net in the 9th minute and they looked to take the goal lead back to Norway and with 761 travelling fans making noise, they will be the happier of the fans on the night. Fort William now have a mountain to climb as the away trip to Norway will stretch the team, with a game against Hibs in just 3 days (Thursday game to Sunday game) and then another 4 days until SK Brann. Will this run of games be the end of the Euro run for this year or can The Fort pull off a huge upset in Norway?


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Euro Cup - 4th Qualifying Round Leg 2 - SK Brann vs Fort William

With the 1-0 away win in Scotland, SK Brann came into the game as favorites to progress to the group stages. With just 3 minutes on the clock, disaster struck for Fort William as Brann hitman From beat his man at the near post and headed in from short range. Fort William were in a deep hole now, 0-2 down away from home and needing a miracle.

A little bit of hope was found when Kevin WIlson took advantage of a terrible backpass which was never going to get back to the keeper and slotted home from short range. SK Brann had gifted Fort William the goal in the 29th minute when looking in control. 61 minutes to go and the dymanics of the game changes as one more Fort William goal puts them in the driving seat with 2 away goals.

It would be the start of the second half and coming out the stronger helped Fort William as once again Kevin Wilson drove to the baseline before whipping in a delightful ball to the back-post for Ian Bowden to rise up and knock the header in from short range. Fort William from 0-2 were now going through on away goals, but the next goal was critical.

Wilson one again turned provider on the 57th minute and somehow Fort William were 3-1 on the night and 3-2 on aggregate and unless SK Brann now scored 2 goals, it would be the Scottish team heading deeper into the competition. Despite heavy pressure The Fort held on, that was until the the 90th minute when From once again popped up for his second of the game, and set up an intense 4 minutes of injury time for The Fort to hold on.......


YESSSSSSSSSSSS. We are into the Euro Cup Group stages! What a game, what a comeback!!!


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Wow, just wow!

Congrats mate, fantastic achievement to get to the group stage. Funnily enough Villarreal are a team I've managed this time around and I just beat them with my Airdrie team to reach the last 16 of Europa for the first time. I've got Aston Villa in the quarters.

Really enjoying that you are going with young Scots and building your team that way, exactly how I like to play. How's the facilities and junior scouting looking?

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20 hours ago, Clarky323 said:

I don't know what's shocked me more... seeing Fort William in the Europa League group stages or the fact that AFC Bournemouth are the holders! :eek:

I would say that's a pretty close one, but Fort William in Europe might just be the more surprising! But not moving forward I'm sure!

7 hours ago, metallimuse said:


Wow, just wow!

Congrats mate, fantastic achievement to get to the group stage. Funnily enough Villarreal are a team I've managed this time around and I just beat them with my Airdrie team to reach the last 16 of Europa for the first time. I've got Aston Villa in the quarters.

Really enjoying that you are going with young Scots and building your team that way, exactly how I like to play. How's the facilities and junior scouting looking?

We are on a roll, I never expected to get to the group stages but the games so far have been quite well matched! Ian Bowden was a steal at £20,000 for the goals he scores! The group and Villarreal will be a whole different challenge tho!

I'm glad I went back to go down the mostly Scottish player way, although prices go sky high for players so have to try and get in young and take a chance! 

Our facilities flat out suck! 0 youth upgrades and 1 training upgrade since I've been here and a board that do not shift on these issues! However saying that, I finally got them to upgrade the youth facilities with 2 million price money for reaching the Euro Cup Group stages!


I believe at the minute we have Basic Youth facilities, basic youth recruitment, poor training facilities and minimal junior coaching! Very very poor for a Prem side and we have not had one youth player play a game for us...... something I want to change over the next 5 years and maybe once I have become champions of Europe, might have to try to win again with a full youth team!

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Euro Cup - Group Stage - Group J

So I got a little ahead so will be a join update for the games. After 3 games we are in a much better position then I ever imagined, including stealing the game away at Villarreal with a 93rd minute strike in a game we did not deserve to win!

Game 1 - Fort William vs Krasnodar

The mammoth trip seemed to make this game a struggle for the away side as Fort William always looked the most likely to win the game, despite struggling to retain possession. It would be a brace from loan striker Kevin Wilson that would be the difference as his second half strikes put the Fort William faithful into dreamland with the perfect start to the campaign. Torino entertained Villarreal in what could have been the game of the season with a 4-3 win for the Spanish side. 

Game 2 - Villarreal vs Fort William

The trip to Spain would be a much less painful trip to the one to Russia later on and for most of the game, Fort William hung onto the experienced Spanish Side. With only 11 travelling fans, as each minute went past, there was a growing belief that The Fort would get something from the game. But heading to the 90th minute it really looked like the game would end up a 0-0 draw. But a 93rd minute corner found Gordon Murdoch on the edge of the box, and with a pin point pass he played it to central defender Scott McCluskey to place it in the bottom corner from 15 yards out for his first Fort William goal on the biggest stage! Somehow, Fort Willam had the most unlikely victory and were 2 from 2 in the group and found themselves topping the group when Torino beat Krasnodar 4-1.

Game 3 - Torino vs Fort William

Getting 2 away games out the way in the first round may be key, but this time Torino were just too strong for Fort William as they dominated the game from start to finish to come away with the narrow 2-1 victory! Allan Stuart got the goal to equal the game up in the first half but in truth, it was the right result and Torino got the victory with a second half strike. Villarreal may rue the missed opportunity as they once again dropped points at home as they only could draw 1-1 with Krasnodar.

UWsnSk9.png rWBmvcA.png FGV4vQF.png

With that in mind, Fort William were in a promising position with 3 games gone, but by no means was anything set in stone at this point! I would have taken that at the start of the group stages and with 2 home games to come and the long away day to Russia in the future, it still looks like 2 wins will be needed to make sure the impossible dream continues for one more round!



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Euro Cup - Group Stage - Group J Games 4 & 5

Crunch Time were Fort William dreams could be made or broken!

Game 4 - Fort William vs Torino

Twice Fort William lead, and twice Torino got back into the game including the equaliser in the 91st minute when it looked like The Fort had done enough to win. Ian Bowden took the ball deep before delivery a beautiful cross to the back post where wing-back Gary McCord struck a beautiful volley that flew past the keeper. It was Gary McCord's error that lead to a simple tap in from Temenuzhkov right on the stroke of half time. Once again Fort William took the lead, once again Ian Bowden turned provider with another cross which Kevin Wilson's sublime header from the penalty spot went sailing into the bottom corner of the net, a cracker of a goal worthy of winning the game. With the game looking won, Temenuzhkov broke Fort William fan's hearts as he slotted home a delightful shot from 12 yards out in injury time. Still, most of the fans would have taken the draw at the start of the game but went away feeling it was 2 points dropped. Krasnodar would fall to a 3-0 loss at home to Villarreal and that left the 3 teams fighting it out at the top of the table.

6ETG787.png TE7Pmxp.png

Game 5 - Krasnodar vs Fort William

What would have been a 4,400km drive, 11 hardcore fans took the trek to support The Fort in Russia! And boy were they looked after with a thrilling 5-1 performance with star Striker Ian Bowden scored 4 goals in a player of the game performance. Kevin Wilson set up 3 of those goals as the strike partnership is in full flow and looking as deadly as any in Europe. Krasnodar got the game off to the best start with a goal in only the 2nd minute, but Englishman James Dunn got the game off to a flying start with a 4th minute goal from a tight angle and if you blinked, you would have missed it as Ian Bowden had put the game to bed by the 10th minute, adding 2 goals to make it 3-1. The game calmed down and Fort William dominated to ed up easy 5-1 winner.

In the other game, Villarreal beat Torino 1-0 to qualify and leave the final match leaving Fort William needing to equal the Torino result to progress. Fort William are in the driving seat, but with the harder of the games, a loss to Villarreal will most likely see Torino go through as they should beat Krasnodar! Yikes, it's going to be one tense 6th game!


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Euro Cup - Group Stage - Group J 6th Game

Would Villarreal play a full strength squad seems they have already qualified? Did they want revenge from the home loss or just to top the group? The answer was not know to William Murray and the pre-match interview was one of pride for where the team was, but not qualifying from this position would be a hard pill to swallow! No-one expected The Fort to be here, but now many had climbed on the bandwagon that they deserved to continue in the competition.


Game Report

With a club record crowd of 4,637 (Seems our ground only holds 1,800 to date) Fort William was the hot ticket in Scotland as the nation held it's breathe, would the Fort join Hearts and Hibs in the draw. In the Champions League, Rangers had fallen to PSV and Man City and would join the Euro Cup as they finished third. Celtic were dumped out of Europe as they only picked up one point in their Champions League Group as they faced Real Madrid, A.C. Milan and Bournemouth.

Fort William would not have to wait for long to start the celebrations as loan striker Kevin Wilson once again scored from a header from a Ian Bowden cross, leaping high in the air to bury it into the top corner with only 16 minutes on the clock. In fairness, it wasn't a surprise as Fort William dominated the game and peppered the Villarreal goal with 17 shots compared to 7, as Villarreal really struggled to get into the game. Just as the game looked to go into a quiet period just before the half, news filtered around the ground that Krasnodar had taken the lead against Torino and right now, live, Fort William were really in the driving seat to not only qualify but to win the game.


The second half became much easier when in the 55th minute, news one again came across that Torino were now 0-2 down and would need a miracle to get back into the game and qualify. With Fort William dominating the game, that man once again, as he almost invited Fort William to try and make his signing perminant, popped up for his second of the game in the 66th minute as Kevin Wilson put the game to bed at 2-0. Fort William, along with huge pockets of Scotland would be drink pubs dry as the pride of the Highlands once more defied their status to win the game 2-0 and end the group on top. 


Now all that was left, was to see who would be coming to the Highlands!


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Seasonal Update

Well, I guess this season has allllllll been about Europe, and rightly so! But I guess i had better update the rest of the season in a small summary. Firstly, we start with a landmark which is quite impressive, but a long way from some of the top stories on here.


League Update

As if all these extra games in Europe have not stretched us to the limits, we have managed to stay more than competitive in the League. Currently on a brilliant run at present with 5 win's on the bounce, and a win over Celtic and Rangers to boot has seen Fort William jump to a promising start.


Celtic are once again proving hard to beat as they sit at the top of the table with a 4 point lead and have only dropped 9 points in 17 games. A long way to go, Fort William are in a good position to get a top 3 finish but with Celtic able to concentrate fully on the League, it look's like their title to lose.


Kevin Wilson - £1,000,000 bid accepted from Celtic

With Kevin Wilson forming a strong partnership with Ian Bowden up front, William Murray decided to try and make the move happen full time and Celtic were happy to cash in. Despite that, Wilson just wanted far too much to make the move happen and flat out refused to even sniff at us for £5,000 a week. Oh well, we better bring Kane Inglis along after his big money move!


I actually guess most people only care about..... Who is next in Europe?



We are off to Germany!!


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48 minutes ago, Rikulec said:

I don't think I've ever seen a situation where the 2nd placed team in the group had already sealed qualification while the leaders still had to fight for it. That's insane. :D

I'm confused as to how this was the case?

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