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Round of 16: Croatia vs Denmark

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Just now, ArsenalFan7 said:

Just do away with the stay on your line rule, seems to be the most pointless rule in existence.

Keepers would just run at the takers then. :)

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1 minute ago, ginnybob said:

Subasic well off his line there...

I think your TV/stream is ahead of everyone elses. :D 

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14 minutes ago, JDownie said:

It should have been a red. He's stopped a certain goal with that foul. No different to the Colombia game where Suarez punched it away. 


15 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

Could argue that should be a red. The fact he slides for the ball saves him, but when he doesn't get it, he makes sure Rebic is taken down


16 minutes ago, GunmaN1905 said:

I mean last-man rule is one thing and it's usually for 1on1 situations against the keeper, but fouling a guy that's about to tap it in the net not being a red?


13 minutes ago, westy8chimp said:

The rules are so wrong there. Open goal sure thing now a penalty instead! Thats bad enough but no red card is a joke? What incentive is there to play fair...of course you take him down.

Oh for ****s sake people. There has been ridiculous amounts of complaints for years about the so called triple punishment. And now when the rules are changed you moan about that. no pleasing people is there...   :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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