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Round of 16: Uruguay vs Portugal


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Couldn't see a thread. What's everyone thinking for this one? 

Guessing a boring 0-0 after what we saw earlier, but at least on paper is a very interesting game. Fancy Uruguay, but if Ronaldo is up for it, who knows. 

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40-35% possession split.

Early goal could save us from a low-scoring game, but these teams simply don't have the quality to play in any other way than counter-attacking. Especially Uruguay.


3-5-2 from Uruguay again as far as I can see.
Torreira starting is really good for them.

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Suárez is due to do something incredibly stupid around about now. :p

Even so, I reckon Uruguay will win this by a single goal. I can't see Godín and Giménez having too many problems against Ronaldo.

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