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World cup commentary - Bring back Robbie Savage!

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8 minutes ago, Ackter said:



Yup, yesterday they moved Billic up one seat and put Ian Wright next to Keane instead, and it looked like they put a bit more distance between the chairs. 

Keane definitely said something :D

I hope they get to sit next to each other again.  Billic's tendency to gesture with his hands and touch the person next to him is hilarious.

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2 hours ago, TM said:

wasn't Savage not crying away in the Wales game's first half V England at Euro 2016 to the extent to which somebody must have had a word with him and he toned it down for the 2nd half

Definitely not Vs England, the reason I referenced him and Euro 2016 was due to how unbiased he was in that game, even on this site I remember most posts giving him a lot of praise in that game due to how well he came across and unbiased he was.

2 hours ago, Bigwig said:

I feel a bit sorry for commentators and pundits at tines. There are plenty I don’t rate but it can’t be nice having people pick apart every comment you make. 

I can honestly say a commentator has never made me mute a game. Funny how the people who mute it have and overwhelming need to tell everyone that they’ve muted it. 

It's genuinely the first time I've ever muted commentary, I've never understood people muting it myself but now I do as it has really grated on me this tournament.

Some of it is just downright poor as I alluded to ie kicking a ball out of play for a goal kick and calling it a shot on target, I'd forgive someone saying a shot on goal or off target in that instance but on target? 

Then a lot of the time it feels like they start talking for talkings sake however they don't need to ramble, if they truly have nothing to say get back to basics and start saying the names of players on the ball however I don't think that is happening due to most of the commentators having no idea of who the players are.

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1 hour ago, ArsenalFan7 said:

Vicki Sparks just a bit bland in all honestly, didn't irk me but wasn't interesting, another in the line of commentators I don't care to listen to. I wouldn't mind seeing how Cesc and Alex Scott translate to commentary, I've enjoyed listening to them in the studio.

The man I'd really love to listen to commentate is Ray Hudson, that crackhead makes any game entertaining

Ray Hudson :D Sweet Jesus, then I would definitely be muting. He's absolutely horrific.

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English commentary feels very forced now, trying to get another "they think it's all over". ITV commentators especially seem to have a list of left-field words (he's run into a cul-de-sac there!) and ready-made poetic montage-bait quotes for goals/full time. (I suppose it is the same channel that does those ridiculous sombre 10-minute England documentaries about a player's 'tough' childhood over a distance shot of training ground drills and super close-ups of the player in question.)

I really enjoyed the commentary of Northern Ireland matches on the red button when David Healy was doing over Spain and Sweden. It brought me into the match, I wasn't turning it off. Foreign commentary does seem more passionate, even on YouTube videos of regular matches, whether they're Arab, Japanese etc. The complete opposite of ITV's attempts at being high-brow, reserved and radio voice-calibre.

I'd love pre-match to really inform me about both teams and their players and tactics, rather than the one big team or England (when they're not even playing!). I'd love half time and post-match to inform me about what happened and why rather than "he should've scored" or "they need to give a little more energy". But since we're not getting that, I'm totally fine with utterly biased personalities like Wright, Lawrenson, Keane and even Savage.

Better than the days of Andy Townsend and Robbie Earle.

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