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Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

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4 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

Just caught up with the game. The back three was terrible and a waste of 55 mins.

They went to a four and were so much better, then Sampaoli ****ed up by bringing on Dybala. They were doing just fine at that point, putting on pressure, building momentum. The Dybala sub killed it. Not because of him, but because they lost a central midfielder and ended up with Mascherano-Meza in the middle. And Meza doesn't strike me as a player that can play that role.

They need a draw tomorrow. An Iceland win and they're going to be praying for a four goal swing (at least). And Iceland don't look like a side that will get thrashed by anyone. And if they're concerned they'll just park the bus like they did vs. Argentina and make sure they don't lose heavy

Nigeria win surely is best? Unless you're saying that's not realistic in which case fair enough.

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Haha the only two options in my head were Iceland win or a draw :D

kind of forgot Nigeria could win as well.

Tbh Nigeria looked so so bad against Croatia.

but yeh Nigeria winning would be best. Although it still doesn't stop the GD problem and means they're still relying on Croatia

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15 minutes ago, D_LO_ said:

They're not out of it. It's hard to see Nigeria or Iceland stringing a couple of successful attacks together let alone get a win.

If Sampaoli could get back to basics and play defenders in defence, play a system that the team is at least familiar with and some half decent midfielders (on the ball) they can find themselves in with a chance against another average looking team in France in the last 16. 

What sort of nonsense is this? We have literally never played a game at major Championships and been held goalless ffs :lol: 

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Am really not surprise with how  this match panned out. Sampoli hasn't got the time to integrate his tactics with the squad. Dybala and Messi can't play together and a lack of a creative mid has shown us that Argentina dispite all their quality in attack is a really poor side. 


Sampoli shouldn't have taken the job. And to those stating that Sampoli should have taken Icardi, Augero scored more than 20 goals last season along with Higuain an attack of Higuain, Augero and Messi  plus dybala and Di Maria Argentina is not short of goals. What they lack is the midfield to link their attack and protect their defense. 

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Players not tracking back still a thing in this game, apparently.



Judging purely from the goals -- out of 90 minutes of kicking it about: If it isn't a set piece, this cup's matches tend to be mostly decided either by blatant mistakes, bad defending, the ref, own goals and/or flukey stuff in general. Except for Russia, for which every attempt on target = goal. #football

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Argentina in shambles.

First Simeone said that Messi is the best player in the world because of his teammates. And who'd you choose, Messi or Ronaldo, if you had an average team?

Then reports are coming that the players want Sampaoli out right now.

And the other day Argentinians had a team-building barbecue event and Messi didn't show up. Was alone in his room whole day long.


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Argentina just had no midfield. They were trying to play out from the back but nobody was coming to collect the ball so it lead to long balls being the only option. Tactically they were awful. Need a Nigeria win today I'd say.

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