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Match 2: Egypt v Uruguay, Group A 13:00BST


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Caceres is a good player, it's just that he got ruined by injuries.
Good enough for mid-table EPL sides if he was healthy.

This Uruguay team has no creativity whatsoever, Vecino and Bentacur are incapable of controlling the game. Neither of them is a playmaker.

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Maybe I'm fussy but already got annoyed that one team plays in away kit when there's no need to. Egypt normally is red-white-black so why not switch socks for white and let Uruguay have their normal light blue-black-black? Miss the times when the so-called away kits were actually second choice only to wear if the first clashed, back then a quick glance at telly was enough to know who is playing. Now teams play in away at every opportunity... $$, I know...

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Just found out why Suarez wears his wrist thing.   Bit disappointing, was hoping he might have warts or something



The Barcelona star first started donning the support while at Liverpool after damaging a bone in his hand.


But it has almost been three years now since the Uruguayan swapped Anfield for the Camp Nou and yet he still wears the accessory - albeit a more refined version.

In an interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero, Suarez finally admitted why.

It turns out it has become one of his bizarre superstitions after initially opting to wear it unnecessarily at Liverpool to bypass Premier League rules, which prevented him from putting a red ribbon on the same wrist.

"I had an injury a couple of years ago at Liverpool," Suarez explained, as per Sport.


"I f***ed a bone in my right hand, a fissure, and they put on a bandage.

"Afterwards I was fine, the finger was OK, but I kept it.

"I also wore a red ribbon and as in the Premier League they don't let you play with anything, I took advantage of the bandage to cover the red ribbon, and now it's a tradition. I even played with long sleeve shirts and kept wearing it.

"I have my crazy things. Each time I come on the pitch I kiss the tattoo of my daughter and my wife. We players are very superstitious."



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Just now, Readingfanman said:

Uruguay should walk this group, Egypt don't really seem to offer very much outside Salah.

haha :D I'm seeing it differently! 

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Just now, cyclonus1010 said:

International football so strange, Godin, one of the best defenders in the world and Caceres, couldn't get in Southampton's squad :D


That's what happens when other factors then money have a thing to say :cool: 

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Just now, EnterUsernameHere said:

It's as if people haven't watched Suárez in years.


Are you saying he's crap in general? 


110 goals in 130 league games for Barcelona so far :D 

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