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[FM17] Local football to global football.

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Hi guys. I'm starting a new save on FM17 with the Northern Irish league expansion pack so I thought I would post my career on here.

I guess I want to do this because starting from nothing to something seems nice. So, if I start with an amateur club with nothing it gives me a challenge after all Northern Ireland have a lot of league systems to conquer. However, the aim of the game is to get an amateur club to a professional status, but I won't guarentee to stay with the club I first pick, after all if I want it a little realistic, I will follow the money.

I picked Caw because it is a relatively local club for me and it'll be nice to get them to win the North West Junior Premier League.



Brief overview of the competition;



Post below will describe the competitions in detail. I look forward to further posts where I will post regarding my great staff(:/) and players.




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League Preview 2016/2017



(Current teams within the league)




The local media has predicted us to finish 3rd in the league however, with all teams evenly matched it can end up being a shock.

Throughout this season, attributes of players mean very little for me and I'll be more focused on form, morale and condition, training effort of the player. Amateur football is more focused around those three things, rather on abilities.

I can lose players at anytime and gain a player due to amateur contracts so keeping a hold of my players will be merely impossible so keeping them happy is priority.

I've brought in one player from local rivals Lincoln Courts, which I seem quite a good 1 season signing, for experience and determination.




Irish Junior Cup.

This cup is probably the biggest amateur cup within Northern Ireland, with over 400+ entries and a world reputation ranking of 203rd. It is not my priority however, it will feel good to at least hit my board expectation of reaching the third round.


IJC - Round 1.

So, before the league even starts we have our first round. I've been looking forward to this for a while, first round against..



Carryduff are quite a decent side and I was rated underdogs going into this match up. Formations with my squad won't suit this kind of match so I had to try and approach something different so decided to go with a 4-3-1-2.




McCann is off to a flyer! Here comes round 2..




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