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OTF WC Draft Game - Competition

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26 minutes ago, JDownie said:

Are the KOs gonna be A1 vs. B2, A2 Vs. B1 etc? 

no, but it is seeded. So no top spots are playing each other.

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38 minutes ago, JDownie said:

Messi scored a pen?!

Fixed BS. 


Agreed, fixed.

Red card and a penalty for you and stoppage time goal.

Probably had Tagliavento refereeing, but we prevailed. :cool:

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4 minutes ago, Scott1892 said:


Into the final, get in!

We have obviously proved which formation is the best. :cool:

Pretty similar roles, too. I remember hoping nobody would take Woj or Augustinsson.

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Great job at organizing this, Gizzy, must've been painful to simulate everything in FM.


From now on, I'll be known as the best OTF FM player.

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I had two red cards against me in the knockout phase. And both happened with a lot of time left to play.

Not my fault I have superior tactics and you guys are bottlers. :cool:

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