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What's best to search on a new laptop?

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Hi there, fellow FM'ers.


My laptop died, so I'm currently on the market, scouting for a new one. FM is not the only game I play, but it is the one I spend most time with (I also play Diablo 3, Overwatch, WoW).


What's more important for FM? Should I invest on a better graphics card, a better processor or more RAM? The money isn't infinite, so I must make choices. I'm thinking a GPU 1050ti or a 1060 (is it worth the extra buck, or is it a bit overkill?). 8Gb RAM is enough, or should I go for 16gb? Quad core is enough for FM, or a hexa core is the way to go?


I'd like a quick answer, pls, as I'm about to buy the laptop this week.



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