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I’d like to show my appreciation for the “timeout” feature

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I used to holiday between a lot of games to try and speed up a season on FM; Touch didn’t quite do it for me (though I appreciate the effort) so I’ve stuck with the main game, but obviously by holidaying I’d miss a lot of decisions such as player interactions, job offers, new contracts, etc. 

In the settings I found the “timeout” feature that progresses the game without your input - I have mine set to instant - and it’s really opened the game up for me. I’m whizzing through seasons but keep up to date on team news and making important decisions as and when I need to, rather than reading every single news story (it gets a bit old 20 seasons in!). I took control of an international team in my career game and it made the experience much more responsive, rather than sitting and waiting for the holiday to finish  

Yes, it’s an old feature that many already know about (I only found it 3 months ago), but I wanted to make sure Si Games know that it’s an appreciated feature. 😊

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