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[Discussion] Filter for available jobs


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Would it be possible to have a reputation based filter when viewing either

- Available Jobs list on home screen when unemployed

- Job Centre


up to 5 tick boxes should cover a "hide or show vacancies" selection list

Much Higher Reputation

Higher Reputation

Similar Reputation

Lower Reputation

Much Lower Reputation



Is mostly a quality of life request rather than anything game shaking :)

the main benefit behind the idea is where you have a lot of nations and leagues loaded and/or you're playing a "roaming career" save

when there's 30+ vacancies listed it can be quite time consuming to check which clubs are unsuitable due to the starting reputation you selected or reputation you have attained later on.

it would also help if your looking at managing in an unfamiliar (irl) country where you're not sure how that league compares to the ones you are familiar with


Thanks for reading

Any thoughts &/or comments welcomed

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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