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Welcome to this experiment where I will make both a team of players that have become heroes both for saves on Youtube and the SI Forums, I will make this a league where I will get the teams to play 9 games against each other (or however many possible if that's not possible) on the FM 17 editor to see who's heroes were truly better. To do this I will need suggestions from the community, for the YouTube team I will allow players from saves from YouTube as well as players from Twitch/Twitter saves from prominent FM Youtubers such as WorkTheSpace and Cutzy. For the SI Forums I will allow players from any forum in the FM Specific Playing Styles Forums. It would also be preferable if these players have screenshots that are fairly easy to find since that will make it fairly easy to make the teams. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated I will create a strawpoll for each position on Friday the 11th of May to decide the final teams.

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Its Voting Time

Youtube Team

Goalkeeper (pick 1, 3 in team)


Left Back (pick 1, 2 in team)


Center Back (pick 2, 4 in team)


Right Back (pick 1, 2 in team)


Left Mid (pick 1, 2 in team)


Center Mid (pick 3, 5 in team)


Right Mid (pick 1, 2 in team)


Striker (pick 2, 4 in team)


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