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I think it would be great if you could start the game at any point during the season, and it's updated with real life results. I have used a download from sortitoutsi.net which does this but it just doesn't have the authenticity, like none of the players have the appearances and goals scored in the player history and it doesn't work for cup competitions such as the FA Cup, Champions League, and qualifiers for the World Cup. If this is not possible it would be fab if the in game editor could edit career stats or the players history because I wouldn't mind adding the appearances and such myself. I think it would be also beneficial if career stats included more past assists and player ratings. Player ratings are obviously quite subjective but whoscored.com provides a wealth of data that could be used to fill in career stats, it just sort of bugs me a bit when players have played hundreds of games but only have a few assists from the in game season. One final feature I'd love to see would be where you could be the current manager of the club, like I always feel guilty taking over Rafa Benitez at Newcastle, and I think it would be great if instead I could be in Rafa's shoes, and my manager profile would be Benitez's. 

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