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I qualify teams in a competition depending on their results last year. In total I have 4 competitions to qualify clubs from.

So, from the top-level competition I qualify 4 best teams (all members of a semi-final round), from the next one I qualify first two teams (winner and runner-up), and from the last one I qualify only a winner.

The problem is that I also have a cup, which can win any team from these competitions. So I want to qualify the cup winner firstly, and only then teams from other competitions. For example, if one of the four top teams from the top-league wins the cup, I have to qualify the 5th teams from this league. How can I do this?

The option "user runner-up as a backup" does not work (if qualify next team from other leagues), as well as the "Get best teams from division" (or "Get best teams in competition") does not return the fifth team that I need. The last option works if I get teams from domestic competitions, but mine is an international club competition and here it is not working properly.


Any ideas how can I manage this? Thank you.

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