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Greetings everyone from MrLTactics!

MrlTactics.com is a fairly new fm website, but we already have a sizeable and growing community. The main idea of our website is to offer a unique FM service, namely tactic testing on a huge scale. In the beginning, we tested tactics manually for the community, but we soon realized that we didn't have enough spare time to do this next to our jobs/schoolwork and families. We then came up with the idea of making a script that did some of the work for us, so that it would require less interaction from us to keep the service available. However, after a while, even this approach became too time consuming, as the demand was greater that what we had time for. We then worked for months writing a more complex, better script, and now we are finally able to keep up the service with minimal work. Users can now send their tactics directly to our dedicated testing machine, and get their results posted directly on the tactic ladder on our website. We are very proud of being the only FM fansite in the world who offers such a service.

In addition, we can mention that many of the world's top tacticians already have profiles in our forum, and some of them are also available on our Discord server. One of the tacticians who has helped us grow alot is Knap, who you SI-folks probably know well.

To sum up, we want MrLTactics.com to be everyone's go-to site when it comes to plug & play tactics, tactic discussion, tactic creation, tactic testing, everything tactic related! There are many fm sites which can provide a better fansite experience in other areas, so we want to specialize on the tactic front. Our community is growing, and we hope to see many new faces in the time to come :)

Best wishes in your FM journeys,
Mr L & Luigi

Our Website: mrltactics.com
Our Forum: forum.mrltactics.com/
Our Discord: discord.io/mrltactics


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Just now, Egecann said:

Waited for too long but worth it. Join the discord group also. Tactical discussions are pretty good in there.

Yes, sorry for the wait :) But now we have a much better system that allows us to maintain uptime of the service :)

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