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FM Touch IOS Improvement Suggestions


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Been playing FM Touch on an iPad Pro, Leeds United +10 seasons, and have a couple of improvements, most of them very basic IMO:

- Ability to save first-, second- and third eleven/line ups. For example, when playing cup matches, the third line up would be most useful, when playing biggest rival I would switch back to the first eleven.
- Disable first transfer window like "full version"
- When transfer listing players, even top class players in the division, I believe more clubs should be interested, sometimes the top goalscorer in the division fails to attract interested clubs.
- When other clubs are bidding for transfer listed players they always bid more or less the same value, non negotiable, often far under the market value of the player.
- Makes no sense for players to request to be transfer listed a week after the window is shut and then a month later request to terminate the transfer request.
- In general, when clubs are bidding for players, even for promising and good players, they rarely bid more than the market value.
- Make shortlists something that works for you, not the other way around. For example, it would make sense to have a message/notification when a shortlisted player becomes interested in joining, when the players becomes unhappy, when other clubs are interested, when scoring five matches in a row/reaching a high average level five matches in a row or similar.
- Maybe a bug, but very confusing with the standard shortlist and if you have a saved shortlist, when adding new players from the scouting report.
- Scouting cups and championships, makes no sense to have to restart a scouting mission every year for Serie A for example, better to scout the the competition season after season.
- Disable the regen faces, at least have it as an option.
- Automatically set long term (match condition under 80 % or similar) injured players as available for reserves.
- When offering players out on loan, the bidding clubs always suggests a rotation role.
- "Warning messages" should be sent to the manager when players out on loan are not playing.
- Disable manager avatar - can be optional, but should not be mandatory
- When signing a new coach, all assignments are cancelled, they should continue.
- Trained and played (young) players for years in new (not 100% unfamiliar) positions without being fully adapted. One might think that after a CAM playing as striker (or full backs -> wing backs) would be fully adapted after playing season after season in the new position.
- Board could warn the manager about potential fan reactions before selling very popular players.

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