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Hi Everybody

So I pretty much cannot stand the latest versions of FM. I don't understand them at all despite hours and hours of reading through guides and this forum, I loath the 3D match engine and I'm pretty much just bored of playing most computer games anyway.

But...I love Aaron Ramsey. He's such an incredible player and I really want to replicate him in FM. I tried in FM15 or 16, don't remember which, and had a good amount of success, but I'm hoping this time to make a more community-based project to get advice and contributions from people that know better what they're talking about when it comes to FM tactics, which will hopefully get him kicking on a gear.

If you see anything that you think is rubbish, please call me out on it. I want to learn and this is not an ego trip, I just want to get Ramsey performing brilliantly, whether it's by my hand or the community's.

Having watched him quite a bit, I'm going to edit his PPMs in the editor to make him more realistic, which will hopefully get him performing how I want him to.

So I'm going to add 'first time shots', 'places shots' and 'plays one-twos'.

There are a few others that could be suitable, but I'm not sure and would like feedback from seasoned players who can help me understand how it'll change the way he plays; 'get forward whenever possible', 'gets into opposition area' and perhaps even 'likes to break opposition's offside trap'. Ramsey already has 'arrives late in opposition's area' but I'm not sure if it's attacking enough to replicate his real life self, whereas 'gets into opposition area' could be really dreadful if he's playing in CM in a 4231.

I also think his finishing stat of 11 is laughable, so I'm going to bump it up to 13 (I think 14 or even 15 would be more suitable tbh), and his flair from 14 to 16. I'm not trying to make him overpowered, I'm just trying to create a more realistic version of him in the game, otherwise he won't perform in the game how he does IRL.

So he looks like this. 


Now obviously I'll be playing as Arsenal, so I want to replicate Wengerball and tactics that suit Ramsey.

The 4231 is obvious for the home games, and by all means I'll try it in away games, but I think it's likely I'll want to play 433 away from home because the Arsenal 4231 home tactic is just horrible away from home (I think - again, please call me out on this if I'm wrong).

Now Ramsey's role I'm not really sure about, and this is partly where I'd like some help. As a CM in a 4231, I've got a couple of options; BBM (+ gets further forward), CM-A and perhaps even roaming playmaker, but I think if he's a playmaker he'll become a focal point of the passing game, whereas I want him to make off-the-ball runs to break through to score? I'm just not sure. Mezzala-attacking is also an option perhaps?

Özil's role is obvious, AP-S, and I need a holding midfielder next to Ramsey, either a CM-D or DLP-D in the CM slot or any number of roles in the DM slot. If I've got him in the DM slot, will the gap between him and Özil be too great? Or will that actually benefit Özil, giving him plenty of space to fall back into? Bellerin forces my hand to keep my LB more conservative, so my AML should be an IF-A, but this then throws up Ramsey's side into question. If I play him on the left, will he have enough space with the AML on an attacking duty ahead of him? But if I play him on the right, will I get enough cover with Bellerin bombing forward? Not sure. Anyway it'll be something like this I think.


Now I'm also not sure about my AMR. Will an IF take up the space I want Ramsey to run into? I know I want him on a support duty, to balance it out with Ramsey attacking and Bellerin getting forward, so he's like a pivot for them to play off, but do I want an IF? Do I want a winger to keep him wide for Ramsey to have space, or will that conflict with Bellerin? Raumdeuter is obviously only an attacking role, so I don't think I want that (or do I????). Most likely I want someone who's willing to track back and try and cover for Ramsey/Bellerin if the attack comes to nothing, right? Which would be an IF-S, perhaps with the PI to 'stay wide', meaning the central space is vacant for Ramsey to run into?

I'm also not sure about the striker's role. DLF-S? DLF-A? AF-A? F9-S? CF-S? CF-A? I have absolutely no clue. The F9-S I think will probably drop too deeply, and will end up not giving me a striker and getting in Özil's way. The DLF-S might just be a bit too deep and won't give Özil space? Also I think that role would be better suited to more static players, unlike Lacazette (or Aubameyang)? Feedback please!

Now I'll need to create space for Ramsey to run into. Unsure about what to do with the AMR, I'll leave that up to the community to guide me, but still I'll need to create space by susprise, so I'll start by giving Özil 'move into channels'. He'll move laterally, take the defending player with him, giving space for Ramsey to run into where he can receive a pass. I also wonder if Özil would benefit from 'hold up ball', which would give Ramsey a couple of extra seconds to get forward into space to receive the ball. Are these sensible instructions?



Since I'm unsure about the striker's role at the moment, not much I can do regarding his PIs.

As for my CBs, previously when I tried getting the most out of Ramsey I had a CB-X directly behind him (Koscielny), who would step up into the void left by Ramsey (and Bellerin) and make a tackle, and to compliment him I had a CB-C. Would it be sensible rebooting that partnership?

I'm going to leave it there for now, because I'm exhausted. Please give me any feedback you have, and let me know what mentality and team shape you think I should adopt. My best guesses would be Control-Balanced or Control-Very Fluid, but then again 'very fluid' might not get Ramsey concentrating on his attacking role enough?

Thank you!

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I think the IF(S) will stay wide to support and supply Ramsay's runs. If he runs with the ball, Ramsay will go wide or hang back.

You will have a lot of problems as things stand in defence down your right flank. You've got a CWB bombing forward and no holding midfielder on that side to cover. There's going to be acres of space to counter into down that flank.

If you want to play this way with the Ramsay runner you have to make the right back more conservative.

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I'd look to play Ramsey in a 3 man midfield. He's not going to perform well in a 4-2-3-1 as you'll need him to hold his position to ensure you don't get countered. 

I'd play a 4-3-2-1 or a more attacking 4-3-3. I'd have him as CM (A) or Advanced play maker (A) in the CM position. Stick a DLP (D) to the left of him and a B2B to the right of him and you'll have enough players doing the donkey work to ensure he can go about his business, making assist and scoring goals. 

Obviously that gives you the problem of what to do with Ozil. You either stick him on the right wing or play 2 central attacking midfielders (Ozil and Mkhitaryan) with a lone man up front. 

But you are guaranteed to fail using the formation and player roles described in your post. Hope that helps

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Ap s in a wing position if you're determined to run a 4231.

Ap a in wide midfield position. 4411 or 4141

Both with Bellerin bombing past😁

Or jack ozil in for £££ and give him the 10 shirt.

IRL didnt ramsey have his best year as the attacking 1 of 3 cm while Wilshere and Ozil were out? In that id have him as ap a in centre with wingers not inside forwards so space is left free for him to enter.


Ive always felt Rambo was like Pogba. Hes better coming from deep in a mid 3 than starting in the 10 position or a mid 2.

Good luck whatever you choose!

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I'll always be confused why the CAM just gets awful ratings in a 4231. Is it just the system I play? Cannot seem to get him to do anything. Maybe it's just the nature of the position and what he's there to do, ie. spread the ball around. I mean look here, worst player on the pitch according to the ratings.

Ramsey doing very nicely as you can see. League starts soon.



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16 hours ago, jackane24 said:

I'll always be confused why the CAM just gets awful ratings in a 4231. Is it just the system I play? Cannot seem to get him to do anything. Maybe it's just the nature of the position and what he's there to do, ie. spread the ball around. I mean look here, worst player on the pitch according to the ratings.

Ramsey doing very nicely as you can see. League starts soon.



Is it just his rating thats the issue or looking at the play is he just not required since you have 2 inside forwards coming into central areas, a DLF who won't be as high as other ST attack duty roles and a CM-A bombing forward into the hole to? "too many chefs in the kitchen" comes to mind as he's going to have at least 4 players in front of him in central areas and two wingbacks bombing forward on the flanks, there's pretty much no need for him to get in or around the box.   With that many advanced players I think a deeper player to "spread the ball around" would make more sense.  This is one of the reasons most advice on 4231 Wide is to have the two CM players holding in a combo like CM-D + DLP-S to give space and a base for the front 4 to work.

The SS-A in my current 4231 Wide is doing just fine.

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On 4/17/2018 at 12:28, jackane24 said:

Only pre-season but been a decent start so far with a 4231, and I tried it before in FM15 or 16 and it worked well.


But you mean this?



Yeah that’s what I meant. Or you could swap an AMC for another striker and play two up top. Then you could rotate Ozil and Myhitaryan in the sole AMC position. Maybe change the left WB so he is also on attack to ensure you make an impact on both the wings 

but if you keep the 2 AMC’s you don’t need the lone striker in that role, he wouldn’t need to come deep as he’ll be occupying the space that the AMC’s are in. I’d change him to an advanced forward or poacher. Someone to stretch the defence and give the two AMCs more space to occupy . 

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