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The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

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On 25/04/2021 at 22:18, withnail316 said:

Evening. How are we. FMCU?

FM's been tricky for me for a while, I was very much into a York save after buying the Xbox version, but life got in the way and I ran out of steam. I did decide to open the laptop up today though and I *think* I've managed to get into a new save. Fingers crossed I feel the same way in a few days, because if so I may yet be back with a thread...

I had about a month off recently, but sure as eggs is eggs I was drawn back eventually. Still in Scandinavia. Now in 2060. :kriss:

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7 hours ago, gandalf75 said:

Hi guys.!

I have Fm 21toch. 

How to activate lowest division? 

Pls Thanks. 

In FM Touch you can only play with the out of the box leagues, there are no activators for previously unplayable divisions.

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Hello guys, am new in here, and I would like to share my fm story. I actually started playing the game (fm 20) just last year around Oct, at first it look pretty complex but then i learned so fast that i was able to achieve back to back promotions to the premier league with Bolton wanderers. I was able to manage the tight-knit budget plus made some very shrewd signings along the process. I just completed my first season in the premier league three days ago with a 13th place finish and hoping to finish higher in my second season, possibly qualify for European football who know.

The game is so addictive and I'm absolutely loving it...I must say it's by far the most immersive football game in the world...You guys at FM plus the entire FM community have done a hella of a good job...massive respect to all of ya.

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