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The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

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22 hours ago, -Jef- said:

What do you do to spice things up?

nutella and edible underwear can help! 


OH! you mean in the football manager save! 

I've just sacked my U18 and U23 managers so I can have control over all of the teams. I also have a list of "home made achievements" to keep track of, some of them are season by season, others are much longer term. For instance tracking how my players fare in trying to beat Alan Shearer's premier league goals record, is a long term goal. While another is winning every competition I'm entered in over the course of a season.

After that I have a long term club goal for becoming the most successful English club of all time (I have the stats for honours won by English clubs off wikipedia). I take the stats as the baseline at the start of the save and add any new trophies clubs win from the game world. 

specific to your save, could you take an international managers job at the same time? give you something "different" if you feel the next few years are gonna be the same.

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