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Youth Recruitment Range

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Every time I speak to board about improving youth recruitment they agree... I get an inbox item saying "will now be considered extensive in it's range". I can ask for it 5 or so times a season and always accepted by the board and the same inbox message.

1) is 'extensive' as high as it gets?

2) if yes ... shouldn't it grey out the option for me to keep asking for it to be improved? if no ... why can I never get above that considering the board agree to improve it 5 times per season (or more) and I've played 10 seasons

Is it just me seeing this? A PSG issue?

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These are the Youth Recruitment ranges from lowest to highest:



Fairly basic


Above average


Well established


It's technically on a 1-20 scale, with Extensive being 19-20.

If you can ask for it to be increased 5 times a season and always be accepted I'd suggest it's a bug.

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