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(FM18) De Superfriezen - Reigniting Lenstra's Legacy


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I have had some time away from the game mostly due to work commitments but now I am back for my third career update. This time I am hoping to use my experience from the last two to bring more depth in the writing side of the update in the right areas to keep people interested and allow people to interact more with questions, ideas, suggestions and debates.

For that reason I have decided to play the game in a different way that I have never done. Rather than play the game at pace looking to achieve instant success I want to develop a brand of attractive football I wouldn't call it total football but along those lines. I want to make a legacy at the club similar to that of Barcelona and Ajax when Johan Cruyff revolutionised there academy's and philosophy's that are still in effect to this day.

There will be no strict signing rules as I felt in my previous save it was the downfall as I lost interest due to the restrictions. I tend to look at players under 23 but as my style of play will require a certain type of complete player if the right one comes available at an older age then I will go and get him. Of course there will be a strong emphasis towards youth development due to the whole idea behind the save its an area of the game am not particularly great at so that will be a good area to learn along the way which I will need advice with. I have highlighted key attributes every player must have no matter what position they play I will list them below this will also take time to build. Youth players will be developed the same way and if they don't make the criteria will be moved on no matter if they are great in another way. 

With all this I am my aim is to change the philosophy of the club from top to bottom and giving them this DNA that will dominate domestic football and eventually win the champions league playing the beautiful game the beautiful way and go on to be a dominant force in European football for years to come.

Key Attributes

- First Touch

- Passing       

- Technique  

    - Anticipation  

- Composure

      - Concentration

- Vision          

    - Decisions       

   - Off The Ball  

- Teamwork 

- Agility        

- Balance     

- Strength   

These are the attributes I have went for as the clubs DNA. I don't think this will be possible instantly we may have to come and go here and there until we can get a full squad with these stats due to financial reasons but it adds to the journey. 

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The Man At The Helm


Thijs De Vries 26 years old from Amsterdam. Former academy player at Ajax he was at the club from the age of 10 a deep lying playmaker type of player technically gifted and intelligent he lacked in the physical side of the game. He didn't make the grade at Ajax and after a few loan spells in the Eerste Divisie that didn't workout he was eventually released at the age of 20.

He decided to go down the coaching route as he felt he still had a lot to offer to the game and started to apply for coaching courses Ajax encouraged him with this and allowed him to coach in the younger levels off the clubs academy. It was there where he developed his coaching skills and harnessed the Cruyff ideas. He reached his continental a license with in 5 years. 

Eventually he was rewarded with the under 17's job and went on to have good success with this age group for many years. This didn't go unnoticed as he was considered for roles higher up in the club but De Vries felt he would have to leave Ajax the club that had been home for 16 years to get his big break.

Attribute Spread


He still has his pro license to sit none the less he has a good spread in terms of his age. Ajax have taught him well. Gifted with great attacking, tactical and technical coaching along with a good understanding of working with youngsters from his time with the 17's and younger. He lacks defensively and has no idea with fitness and goalkeeping because Ajax always had keeping and fitness specialists for every age. He will need to employ such types of staff at his new club.

Mentally he is a reasonably balanced man he lacks adaptability as he hasn't ventured far from Amsterdam he isn't a disciplinarian as he is used to working with younger kids. He is relatively determined person a skill that has been brought on from being let go at Ajax but not giving up on the game.

Tactically he likes different variations of the 433. His favourite being 4-1-2-3


De Vries big break came when the Friesland club in the north needed big changes. The club has a great academy but had failed to ever win top title despite this. They turned to the young idealist to re shape there club with his philosophy on the game.


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The Club


Sportclub Heerenveen was founded on 20 July 1920 in the town of Heerenveen, Friesland. The crest on the club emblem is the symbol of the flag of Friesland. The stripes and water Lilly leaves represent the districts of Friesland. A unique tradition in the Dutch Eredivisie is that the Frisian national anthem is played and sung before every domestic match. UEFA does not allow this tradition in European matches. Nevertheless, the anthem is sung by the supporters anyway.


While the Netherlands was occupied by Germany, Heerenveen won three successive North of the Netherlands championships, and following the end of world war 2 it went on to win the same title six times in a row; the club's dominance partly ascribed to the presence of Abe Lenstra. Abe Lenstra scored 523 league goals in 500 appearances for Heerenveen It was Lenstra who put the name of SC Heerenveen on the footballing map, where the club was also fondly referred to as 'Abeveen'. In 1977, long after he retired from football, he was diagnosed with having a brain haemorrhage and spent the remainder of his life using a wheelchair. He died in 1985, just a few days before the first ever international match in the stadium that a year later would bear his name. Today, his name has been closely associated with SC Heerenveen and its stadium: The Abe Lenstra Stadion has been named in his honour as a lasting memorial to this Dutch football hero.


In more recent history the club finished runners up in the Erevidisie in 1999/2000 the closest the team has come to lifting the title. They won there one and only KNVB Beker cup in 2008/2009. The team is a regular in the top half of the Eredivisie and has often qualified for European tournaments albeit they haven't qualified since 2009/2010. The club's training facilities are regarded as world class, which is said to be a major factor in their recruitment of younger players.

The team has two derby's the Friese derby against SC Cambuur who reside in the second tier of dutch football. The second derby is against FC Groningen in the noorden derby.

Why Heerenveen? They have great facilities are renowned for bringing through a good standard of youth players which suits the idea behind the save. They also have two great derby's which if anyone has read my stuff before this is a big part of the game for me beating your rivals is a massive part of football. They have never won the Eredivisie or any European trophies yet which means if we do win these it will be massive and will be legendary and will leave a legacy. They have a loyal support again another massive part of the game for me I love re paying the fans loyal support I read an interesting article when researching the club I will leave the link for anyone who wishes to read it.



Training facilities are off a high standard already and the youth facilities aren't far behind. The rent for the stadium is high so we will have to address this when the finances are in place to buy the stadium. Junior coaching could do with a upgrade early on recruitment is already established we will track this throughout the save as the club grows.


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In Game Analysis 


Finances are generally good 8.9 million in the bank but we are over in the wages but we do have 2.6 million to spend.



First meeting with the board and he gives us an increase in wages and revenue percentage increase good start to hopefully a good relationship.


Top half in the Eredivisie and Quarter finals of the KNVB Beker thought about saying Europa league but didn't want to put unnecessary pressure on the team as we try to establish a playing style.


Coaching staff needed work


More or less a complete wipe out in the staff department




Three big appointments from Ajax who De Vries worked with at Ajax. Jongkind being the man behind a lot of the Cruyff ideas in terms off fitness is a great capture.


A big decision was made letting this HOYD go I tried to convert him to a coach but he wasn't for it so he left to be replaced by Iddo Roscher from NEC. Wim Jonk was the number one target but we couldn't convince him to join as he felt we are below his level. Iddo Roscher has good qualities and hopefully he can bring us some stars of the future. He likes a passing style and similar formations only problems is his playing mentality and pressing style.


Iddo Roscher


More balance to the coaching team now am very happy with who we brought in. Still needs work but its a good start and I feel we have most of the areas covered. Another bonus is there all dutch I will tend to stick to nation when it comes to coaches as long as there is good options.


Karel Brandsma the chief scout is moved on to be replaced by Nick Kersten also from NEC hopefully the working relationship with Iddo Roscher will help with them working together already. 


Nick Kersten


The scouting and transfer team has a good blend. The DOF holds onto his job for now but we are looking to find a better option. We are now leading the way in the Data analysis side of things in my previous career I never managed to get in depth data analysis so hoping to use this in the file.


Solid medical team hopefully the working relationship of Jongkind the fitness coach and the head physio Wijne from the Ajax serves us well.


Reserves coaching team best in everthing at that level not sure how much attention the AI clubs will have here but nonetheless its a good for us to be to top In this area we still need improving but the limits have been reached. 


Decent spread in the under 19's coaching definitely needs upgrading we had to spread the net wider to find reasonable coaches but for now it will do the job until we can recruit stronger coaches.



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The idea here is to have multiple systems but to contain similar traits in them but be flexible enough to shift or flip the systems with out major personnel changes. I have been playing around with four systems in pre season and we haven't settled on them but I will show you them all. 3 of the 4 systems we have played with has the same midfield 3 combination. All of the systems can be flipped to attack the opposite flank giving us some options if the AI reads our plan.


The 4-3-2-1 system we have used this most has nice movement we have kept the ball well and had some lovely football in the two games we used it. First time I have used the mezzala role and I like the movement not sure if the playmaker on the same side is better I may switch the mezzala to left side maybe someone that has used the role will know better. I went for ball playing defenders though I have shortened there passing to encourage nice build up. Left wing back has the duty of overlapping the inside forward right wing back has been told just to support play mainly because we have two attack duties on that side. Ball winning midfielder in the centre to do the dirty work for the mezzala with a Deep lying Playmaker to recycle play and provide a killer ball from deep. Sweeper keeper due to the highline with a cover in front on one centre back will hopefully stop us being caught out with balls over the top. Standard/fluid to begin with I think this is the most neutral of the systems. We still want to encourage players into the transition and have a good level of creative freedom to get that slick football.


The 4-3-3/3-4-3 a more aggressive version of the 4-3-2-1 this will be used for sitting in the opponents half and trying to break the down if they sit deep. Hopefully the false 9 another role I have never used drags there centre backs out of position for the inside forwards to exploit this has happened in the two friendly's but they were against much weaker opponents. We look to the wing backs to provide width with the half back dropping In to make it three at the back. The system is much the same as the one before just with a few tweaks that allows us to switch our attack without switching players. Control/fluid as we look to get more players into attack and transition into the 3-4-3. 


The 4-5-1 designed more to hold on to the ball and see out a lead or to be harder to beat but still with enough to threaten our opponent the use of inverted wingers for the first time continues the theme of a first time use of a role in all 3 of the systems so far. This system we have used the least out of the 4 so I don't have much detail to go into with it yet hoping it will hold on to the ball well then break at the right time. Opted for a Counter/Structured as we look to sit deeper and be harder to break down the structured idea is so we still have players willing to attack and the whole team isn't defending.


The out and out 4-3-3 mostly for when we are chasing a game also can be switched to a counter and used to exploit the space left behind attacking wingbacks as most teams play 4-3-3 in the Eredivisie this could be used well once we perfect it. Like the 4-5-1 we haven't used this much apart from when we were chasing the game in the first league match It paid off as we got a last minute winner other than that its pretty untested. Attacking/structured we don't want everyone over committing so we look to spilt the team into two units. 

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Squad Analysis




Think we have enough to get us through the first season may have to invest in the long term. De Boer is highly rated hopefully we can unleash that potential. 


Warner Hahn

Solid enough goalkeeper first touch, rushing out and decisions could do with being better for the sweeper keeper role. He is a distributor which is handy for that role. Injured for six months though.


Martin Hansen

On loan to cover the injury to Hahn solid keeper but I'm not sure about sweeper keeper which we use in our system. Don't think he will be around after the loan spell finishes.


Wouter Van Der Steen

Naturally a sweeper keeper but not a great goalkeeper in terms of a basic goalkeeper may come in handy so will keep him for back up. 


Jan De Boer

Highly rated attributes aren't great but we will try our best to unlock that potential.



I have promoted three youth players instantly to tie in with the idea of player development. We have solid options at centre back though not all ball playing defenders. first choice right and left back are good all rounder's and we have two promising kids backing them up.

Right Backs


Denzel Dumfries

Very solid option and at 21 has at least a rating of 10 in all our key attributes he still has potential to grow as well could well be our right wing back for years to come.


Joshua Adney

At 16 he has some of the qualities we are looking for and with game time and the right training am sure we can mould him into our clubs DNA. Will be the back up option as we loan out Doke Schmidt.

Left Backs


Lucas Woudenberg

Similar to Dumfries he has all our required attributes over 10 a decent option a great personality as well all in all very happy with him for the first couple of seasons. 


Julius Duit 

16 years old matches all our technical attributes needs a lot of work mentally but at 16 we can develop this kid into a class act. Very excited by this youngster will be looking to give him plenty game time.   

Centre Backs


Nicolai Naess

Exactly the type of centre back we are looking for at this stage. Technically gifted comfortable all the ball but still a reasonable defender will be first choice at the right sided cover slot. 


Kik Pierie

17 years old what a player ticks every single box in terms of our DNA we will build our back 4 around this kid and he will instantly be first choice on the left side of Naess. I personally see this guy as a full Dutch international by the age of 20.


Daniel Hoegh

A solid enough back up option doesn't have all our DNA attributes but has enough to do a job can pass the ball so we will train him as a BPD


Dave Bulthuis

Technically not gifted in terms of ball playing defender but will be a good option if we come up against a very good target man for this reason he stays he doesn't match the DNA but we don't have enough funds to replace him just yet.



In terms of the midfield 3 this is the area needing the most attention we lack any ball winning midfielders and could do with cover at the DLP and we could do with a stronger mezzala. The attacking areas are our strongest area with many different options think we are covered in this area.   

Centre Midfielders


Stijn Schaars

Club captain is of immense quality the very kind of player we are looking for in that defensive midfield slot it is a shame he is 33 now and on the physical decline he is in a holding role so aren't expecting to much in terms of running hopefully we can prolong him until we find someone capable of fulfilling his role.


Yuki Kobayashi

At this time our first choice mezzala has every attribute in our DNA make up not any stand out stats but a good spread. His wages are on the high end of the budget so we may move him on next season. He is a solid option nonetheless.


Morten Thorsby

A hard working midfielder technically not great doesn't meet all the DNA missing out with technique and anticipation so we will work on these. He has great personality and is only 21 he will be a good back up option for the time being he can play the mezzala role which is useful.


Michel Vlap

Again another good back up option meets a lot of the clubs DNA that we are trying to develop one area that worries me a lot is a lack of composure so we will work on that possibly train him into a decent mezzala 20 years old had he be 18 I would be very excited. I think he will maybe be around for a season or 2 poor determination so I don't see him growing to much and reaching his potential.

Attacking Midfielders

Left Side


Arber Zeneli

Missing a few of the DNA attributes which we will work on in particular anticipation. Already has a few clubs chasing him and I may be tempted to let him go for the right money as we have good competition in this area. Early season form will make the decision.


Nemanja Mihajlovic

Has every attribute in our DNA though not as flashy as Zeneli he offers everything in a more consistent attribute spread the left hand side of midfield really is up for grabs between these two.

Right Side


Martin Odegaard

The golden boy of Norwegian football is on loan for a season from Real Madrid we will try to extended this depending on his form. Has most of the DNA but the fact he is on loan and I doubt he will ever be a permanent signing we may have to look for a long term option here. Can play inside forward role and the wide playmaker role.


Emil Frederiksen

Youth player instantly moved into the first team squad we will train him in the wide playmaker role for now. Doesn't have all the DNA but has most of them in particular he has very high decision and off the ball excellent for a playmaker only worry is composure which we will work on. Lazio already interested after a few pre season friendly's.


Marco Rojas

Dubbed the Kiwi Messi doesn't have enough of the DNA and is a high earner he has just been bought but will be moved on at the earliest opportunity unless he progresses. In the mean time he will be a back up option. 


needing investment here as I don't see any of them as my number one striker though they are good options


Reza Ghoochannejhad

has a good spread but think I will cash in on the 29 year old don't like the fact he has no teamwork.


Henk Veerman

Has every attribute except agility in the DNA spec gives us a very good option specially if we need to go more direct chasing a game.


Pelle Van Amersfoort

Fits the DNA spec a handy option could be used especially if we are sitting deep and looking to counter or if we go strikerless very interested to see how he does early on. 


In the short term with the budget we have we have to prioritise what is essential for our goals in the first season. Centre midfield is definitely a priority we need a couple of ball winning midfielders along with a deep lying playmaker and a mezzala. A striker also high on the list but may be hard to find as we look for a complete type.

In the long term a sweeper keeper may need to be purchased depending on how Hahn gets on after injury. Odegaard needs replacing along with a long term solution to the ageing Schaars.

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Transfer News

We spent 2.8 million on 7 players I feel we covered all the areas and more with this amount and sets the squad up perfectly for the first season. On the other hand we sold one player for 1.6 million and 3 left on loan. Naturally being from the north of Holland we done some great business with the Scandinavian clubs. 


Most players we managed to get a decent deal on. A million pound is still a lot in terms of were our budget is at this time but it was needed we are still financially strong as a club.


Aboubakar Keita

Couldn't believe how cheap we got this deal done for. 19 years old a strong ball winning midfielder with technical strong points as well. Matches everything we need in terms of the ball winning role as he can play football as well. Delighted with this business. Will be first choice in the engine room.


Ifeanyi Mathew

Mathew the mezzala what a gifted footballer we have captured for a million pound. In terms of DNA all over 12 except for strength and he is only 20. A fantastic choice for the role and a perfect pairing for Keita. I would put my neck on the line to say this guy is capable of becoming African player of the year.


Duarte Valente

Bargain off the window. Yes he doesn't have all the DNA attributes but they aren't far away and the ones he does have are exceptional at 17 and he has a great personality and determination so he will be willing to learn and develop. Great option along with Keita.


Marius Lundemo

Steal at 500k for a player that can play either the mezzala or deep lying playmaker role has all of what we are looking for an with the right guidance could be come Schaars replacement. All the DNA attributes are present some need work but that is the aim of the save is to show we can progress them in these areas as well.


Fredrik Knudsen

Maybe slightly over spent here but all the DNA attributes and still only 21 my one worry is his positioning so we will get to work on that. He is very capable of becoming a star ball playing defender.



Striker arrives form brazil transfer listed for 800k I couldn't say no he has all of the make up to become a complete forward at this level. He is physically strong and great in the air he is also reasonably quick has great off the ball, Teamwork and anticaption and as he is playing as a loan striker these are absolutely vital. High work rate will help with the press. Passing is needing work but 23 still has another level to go.


Joey Koster

Koster was brought in by the DOF so I have put some faith in him. He doesn't have all the DNA but at 16 we can try our best to develop him after all it is part of the idea behind it.


Ghoochannejhad leaves for 1.6 million. I couldn't see past his low teamwork and when you see what we gained for half the money in Rodrigao I think it’s good business.


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As I can see your tactics and your players   smell attack, attack and attack.. :DI'm pretty sure you're funs will see beautiful and attacking football, i don't know about the defense but who cares you play in Netherland's league.. :lol:

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18 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

As I can see your tactics and your players   smell attack, attack and attack.. :DI'm pretty sure you're funs will see beautiful and attacking football, i don't know about the defense but who cares you play in Netherland's league.. :lol:

Yes that’s the plan! Should have a early season update ready Monday with some game analysis as well. 

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Pre Season


Mixed bag in pre season. We tested a lot of different formations and player combinations. The whole reason behind pre season in my eyes so I'm not going to get too hung up on the results. 4-0 win in the Friese derby albeit in non competitive tie we take them all!

First Game Off The Season


First game and we are chucked right into a Noorden Derby doesn't get much bigger than that for a first game! 


 Last minute winner! what result in the first competitive game in the De Vries rein! A tight affair which is to be expected. We took our time to settle into the game but we knocked the ball around well I was very happy with the tactic we played 4-3-2-1 but changed to the attacking 4-3-3 with ten minutes to go and it paid off.



Passing combinations we see the shape we are looking for only possible problem is the mezzala could do with being higher than the AP. Funnily enough our highest combination was Keita our ball winning midfielder he is technically gifted as well as being the ball winner am happy with this stat.


The winning goal!! Some neat passing from the midfield three before spreading it wide for Dumfries to cross for HENK Veerman!!! What a start to life at Heerenveen.

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28 minutes ago, Ewan0404 said:

Great read throughout. And nothing beats getting an injury time winner in the derby.

Thanks mate!! Certainly can’t beat a last minute winner in a derby as a player or manager and especially as a fan!!! 

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6 hours ago, MarcxD said:

Good luck going forward, always good to see a Dutch save, especially with a club that I don't dislike! I like  your posting style as well so I'll be following.

Thanks!! Am really enjoying it not had as much game time as I would like but should have an update tonight. Thanks for following

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Great start in the Eredivisie 14 points from a possible 21 very happy with this start even more so considering we have already played Ajax and PSV. Good to see FC Groningen struggling gives the fans the early season bragging rights.


After the trip to Groningen we welcomed Heracles for De Vries first home game and what a performance to match the occasion a 3-1 victory. A stuffy 2-2 draw in Den Haag seen us drop points for the first time. 7 goals in 3 games is a nice return. A double of Rodrigao gets him on the score sheet nice to see Mathew the mezzala role getting himself In amongst the goal as well.


A Dutch masterclass at home against PSV.


We lined up again with the 4-3-2-1 against there 4-3-1-2 I felt with them being so narrow we could exploit them on the flanks and get some nice overloads.



Solid shape again in terms of passing combinations you can see how high we got the wing backs up the flanks. More interestingly our highest pass combinations on the park were the wing backs and wide player on either side.

Stijn Schaars


Man of the match display from the former PSV man and club captain. Pass completion of 92% with 69 completed passes seen above he controlled the tempo of the game recycling possession and playing some lovely stuff before hammering in the 3rd from the edge of the box shown below.


Match Stats


Totally dominant in possession 58% and 80% pass completion 530 in total so we didn't only win we won playing the way we want to. An example of this is the second goal were we worked the ball out from the back before a killer ball for the mezzala to finish as shown below.


Player Ratings 


Great to see a pair of 17 year olds in the back four in Adney and Pierie. Both didn't rate great but to me in only the 4th league game this season its outstanding in terms of development against quality opposition as well. Naess bossed the back four a complete performance.

Already touched on Schaars above along with his performance Mathew and Odegaard played out there skin. Odegaard played some great defensive splitting passes. Mathew broke from midfield well into the wider areas and linked well.

Rodrigao lead the line superbly we switched him to an advanced forward for this game for him to stretch the play. He linked well and got his goal before being sent off for a two footed tackle.


The following game we beat Excelsior away a late goal from 17 year old Valente brought home the 3 points. before we lost away to a solid Willem II who we probably under estimated they suffocated our play and delivered our first taste of defeat in the 89th minute. We lined up in a 4-3-3 against Ajax at home who played a 3-5-2 the game was very evenly matched and a point was a fair result.

If anyone wishes any other in depth match analysis like the PSV feel free to request it.

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1 hour ago, Sheriff7 said:

Great analysis mate.Good to see your thoughts working on pitch...:thup:

Thanks mate. Just getting grips with the analysis side of it now. Am enjoying it a lot more as well feel like am being more in depth with the game. 

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2 hours ago, john1 said:

Decent start with Heerenveen :cool: 

Loving the depth of writing up  :thup: 

Thank you!

Very happy with the start.

enjoying writing in more depth though it more time consuming it’s making it more enjoyable.

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Breaking news today brought to you from Friesch Dagblad sport reporter Simon Vestdijk.


Today in the draw for the third round of KNVB Beker cup local rivals SC Heerenveen and FC Groningen were drawn together the tie will take place in Groningen. This is has fans In the north whipped into a frenzy snapping up tickets for this tasty cup tie. FC Groningen who have won the trophy twice one being as recent 2014/2015 will be looking to this game to get the fans back on side after slumping to the foot of the table. Heerenveen only cup win came in 2008/2009 will be looking to heap misery on there rivals in this unique Noorden derby.


FC Groningen needed extra time to dispatch FC Dordrecht from the Eerste Divisie before taking on Tweede Divisie side Excelsior Maassluis in a 3-1 victory.   


SC Heerenveen cruised past GVVV from the Tweede Divisie with a resounding 6-0 victory at the Abe Lenstra Stadion before struggling to ease past FC Volendam leaving it till the last minute to take it to extra time before then relying on penalties after going behind in extra time leaving Emil Frederiksen to salvage the tie into penalty's.


Brazilian striker Rodrigao was the player of the first round bagging himself four goals in his debut game in the cup. Young Valente bagged himself his first competitive goal. Heerenveen controlled the tie from start to finish with Thijs De Vries being quoted as saying he was happy with the professionalism shown from his side as they didn’t allow complacency to become a problem.


Emil Frederiksen was the hero in the second round as his wonderful finish after a great move rescued his team to take them into penalties. FC Volendam have to be given credit as they dominated much of the game leading twice and taking the Eredivisie side to the wire maybe on another day they would have found themselves in the third round.


Emil Frederiksen finishes at the near post after lovely ball from Mathew after some lovely interchanging play which we have seen feature heavily under Thijs De Vries this season. De Vries heaped praise on the exciting young Dane.


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The table makes for very interesting reading at the fourteen game mark as its extremely tight with six points the difference from third to tenth. We are the highest scoring team in the league which is brilliant as its part of the style we want to create. De Vries has been given plaudits already in the media for his style of play and mentality.


Fierce rivals and basement boys FC Groningen are struggling and have sacked there manager.


Couple of defeats on the bounce to FC Utrecht and Vitesse who are both in good form so we cant be to disappointed and dwell on it. We bounced back with a empathic 4-0 win at home to AZ. The Abe Lenstra Stadion was rocking with De Vries boys playing some fantastic stuff.



A complete performance dominating the ball along with carving out chance after chance and limiting AZ to no shots on target.


Veerman stole the show with a hatrick but Mathew run the show in midfield again along with the centre half pairing of Naess and Pierie never put a foot wrong all game.


We lined up with the 2-3-2-3 and it worked at treat as you can see we have a great balance in our passing combinations. With Odegaard number 10 staying a lot wider in this shape which dragged AZ all over the park. Schaars often found himself in acre's of space and being aloud to conduct the attacks there is a example of this play below although it never ended in a goal.



We followed up with a resounding 3-1 win away at Sparta Rotterdam before losing at FC Twente we played well below bar creating very little probably our worst performance to date. A convincing 3-0 win at the Abe Lenstra Stadion against PEC Zwolle before traveling to Roda JC and taking the 3 points.



We shook up the team bringing some youth into the side but keeping to our 2-3-2-3 for PEC Zwolle coming to town and it paid dividends. We found a hero in young Jakub Wrzesniak who bagged a double in his first start. Frederiksen got his first league goal with a wonder strike also.


Solid performances all around from Adney, Duit, Frederiksen and Wrzesniak and are all under 18 years old. Mihajlovic steak a claim for a starting birth on the right hand side as well after his performance.


Again the 2-3-2-3 providing us with the double diamond we are looking for giving us lots of passing options. The young wingbacks played the attacking role exceptionally well creating lots of overloads.


Emil Frederiksen riffles in to the top corner not a bad way to introduce yourself to the league scoring charts. Jakub Wrzesniak will be feeling hard done by so ill show his goal from the Roda game a contender for goal of the season and shows exactly how we want to play.


Keita the ball winning midfielder wins the ball back before we work the ball in midfield before Mathew plays a killer ball over the top for Wrzesniak to fire home sublime! This is exactly what we want to see from our side. 


News being reported out of Heerenveen tonight! 

Martin Odegaard has signed a extension on his loan that will see him stay at the Dutch club for two seasons in total. He recently won the Norwegian young player of the year. De Vries is delighted with the young starlets early season form and says he is a delight to watch when on song.



 Other news coming out of the club is that club captain Stijn Schaars is looking to join Lazio. Thijs De Vries spoke to his captain and assured him the European football will come by the end of the season keeping a lid on the situation for the time being.


Exciting news at the club as the board back De Vries with increases in the youth recruitment network program and junior coaching budget increases. This news comes as a major boost to Thijs who wishes to look to the clubs academy in the near future.



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1 hour ago, Sheriff7 said:

Hi mate i have a question.How can i post videos-pictures  like this here because i don't know how to do it right.....:rolleyes:


I use gyazo for uploading my screen shots. And you can make these on it. By pushing control shift G. It was @BoxToBox that told me how to do it. 

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3 hours ago, wynter said:

Great start to the save so far, looking forward to seeing how the club develops over time and the style that bleeds through :)

Thanks mate. Excited about this one more than any i have for a while. Limited game time this week as my own football season is coming to an end so playing Monday Wednesdays Saturday. So just bare with me. 

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Thijs De Vries statement on the clubs website.

I apologise to all the fans of Heerenveen for the poor showing in the recent Noorden derby in the Beker Cup. We failed to live up to the expectations of this club and have let the fans down the players and myself have vowed to put It right. De Vries is said to be furious with the players as he felt this was a winnable trophy this term. 


A fairly even Noorden derby ended on a penalty victory for FC Groningen. After SC Heerenveen failed to capitalise on there rivals going down to ten men. Veerman missed from the spot to allow FC Groningen back into the shootout before goalkeeper Martin Hansen missed the crucial pen.



3 wins from 4 in the Eredivisie got the fans back on side. Wrzesniak continued his scoring form against VVV before coming off at half time injured. Mihajlovic bagged a important double as well. VVV missed a late penalty to make it 3-3.


NAC makes it 4 wins in a row in the league. A dominant victory from a side completely changed after the defeat from FC Groningen.


De Boer made his debut as a 17 year old in goals along with 16 year old winger Koster and the two really shined on there debut. Koster opened the scoring in a wonderful team move.


A truly wonderful team goal it makes me even more happy that young Joey gets the goal in the end on his debut De Vries said in his post match interview. He has broke the records with that as well delighted for the kid.



Martin Odegaard put in a performance that shows why parent club Real Madrid rate him so highly. Dictating play down that right hand side and picking the ball up in the hole. 5 key passes 2 clear cut chances created and an assist just shows how deadly his passing can be.


"I thought we deserved at least a point from the game considering we were down to ten men for a hour after Aboubakar lets us down with a silly tackle. We created chances and we ran the reigning champions and league leaders real close they know they have been in a game"


We bounced back on the road in Alkmaar in a spectacular game talk about entertainment.


Started the game brightly got ourselves two goals In front before allowing AZ back into the game on two occasions. We finished the game in a 4-3-3 after AZ went down to ten men.


Our passing was sublime at times the 3-4-3 passing shape that comes from our 2-3-2-3 formation. This picture of the passing combinations is exactly how our first goal came.


De Vries is quoted as saying "passing the ball is more beautiful than running the ball"

I think this goal sums up his ideas. started from the from the keeper to the playmaker to centre half to the wide man to the centre pair before the false 9 plays one inside forward in behind the defence with a wonder pass for the inside forward for him to square to the opposite inside forward.



Ifeanyi Mathew dominated the game in that more central advanced playmaker role rather than the mezzala role he has played mostly. 101 Passes completed along with 5 key passes really made the team tick.



"I'm Very happy with our league position as we lead into the winter break mixing it with the big 3 wasn't in my plans this soon when I took this job and we are doing it trying to play beautiful football"

A phrase backed up by the stats!




In terms off passing we are right up there in the league. 53.67 average possession 9714 completed passes 82% Ajax and PSV nowhere to be seen in the top five in all 3 stats shows you the level we are passing the ball at.



Joint top scores in the league albeit we rank joint 6th in chances created. We are miles ahead in goals from set pieces which delights me as its an area of the game I have struggled with previously.



We are the dirtiest team in the league but a lot of our fouls are committed on the defenders when we use the high press. We also win a lot of our headers which is pleasing considering we use a high line and defenders that aren't well know for being great in the air.




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Breaking news in the north of Holland and we will hand over to our reporter outside the Abe Lenstra Stadion.


Reports coming out from the club is that they have signed Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Carneiro from Defensor Sporting for a fee of 1 million pounds a additional fee of 500k is included in the deal for performance related achievements.


I caught up with Heerenveen manager Thijs De Vries a little earlier he had this to say.

"Gonzalo is a player we have been tracking for some time he fits the mould of player we are looking to bring to the club. He suits our style of play typically he is a striker that likes to drop into midfield and bring others into the game"

We asked De Vries if there was more business in the pipeline

"We are looking to add a young goalkeeper to add competition and future potential we have made a offer for Dutch under 21 goalkeeper Joel Drommel from FC Twente we may have to meet there valuation of 850k"


"Drommel has great potential he still has lots to learn in the game but at 21 he has plenty time to develop. His arrival sees Martin Hansen loan terminated due to his wage demands on our budget wed like to thank Martin for all his hard work in his time at the club" 

Dave Bulthius and Yuki Kobayashi have also left the club earlier in the window the Japanese international joining royal Antwerp on a free transfer and Bulthius joins PEC Zwolle for 250k

"Both players came to me looking for first team football I couldn't guarantee this and both parties agreed it was best for the players to move on"



Deadline Day Is Here!

There is rumours circulating that Denzel Dumfries has been spotted at Bournemouth's training ground this morning after the chairman at SC Heerenveen accepted a lucrative bid of 12 million pounds for the right back.



The deal was concluded in time and the player joins up with the Bournemouth squad De Vries had this to say.

"I am delighted for Denzel he has been fantastic for me since I joined the club. He deserves his chance to test himself at a higher level and the club received a great amount of money for the player and I wish him all the best"

With the deal being concluded so late De Vries is worried he wont be able to fill his shoes.


"We made a offer for Giovanni Troupee at FC Utrecht but the agent fee proved to be a stumbling block we now have to wait until the summer to hopefully sign him up in the mean time young Joshua Adney will be given his chance"


"The youngster can take this chance by two hands and really strive in terms of development I am committed to developing players from the clubs youth system so this is a ideal chance"

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Arber Zeneli gets a hatrick to give us 3 points in Arnhem before we put in a really poor performance and lose at home to Sparta who deserved the 3 points in the end. A emphatic 3-0 victory at the Abe Lenstra Stadion re paid the fans faith after the poor showing.


Young joey Koster steals the show in Zwolle showing signs of becoming a star even this early on in his senior career. Sloppy defending gave PEC a early lead but the boys turned it around completely dominating the ball and playing some fantastic stuff.



We dominated the ball as seen below over a 100 completed passes for Keita (BWM) Schaars (DLP) and Odegaard (AP) this is really is what I want to see in our style of play. Another great point is Carneiro (F9) got two assists the first one a particularly lovely reverse pass seen in the opening goal after a lovely team move seen in the goal below.


Fantastic team goal Koster finishing well to get his second Eredivisie goal at only the age of 16


A shocking result at home to Roda were we wasted chance after chance and were punished on the break. A close cut defeat in Eindhoven were we created 6 chances one being clear cut but it wasn't to be. Young Julius Duit got man of the match up against Hirving lozano which was a plus. We bounce back with two home wins. Excelsior were brushed aside before Willem II struggling towards the bottom ended 1-0 but it was one going on ten.


Carneiro gets a double again as we again control a game from start to finish a late goal blemished a truly comfortable game.


Gonzalo Carneiro with a man of the match performance with a brace but as he is a false 9 its his link up play that was impressive also. 3 key passes and 2 Chances created and 25 completed passes its great to see.


Our high press paid off as Odegaard pressing to win the ball and laying it on a plate for Carneiro's first goal.



The league table looks like this with 8 games to play very happy with this so far in our first season. If anyone wishes for any analysis or questions fire away.



 sorry for the delayed update work has been hectic and there was a stag doo to attend also.

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