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Notes for better FM (after long saves)


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In FM17 I played more 2k hours and had few saves with 20 and more seasons. FM17 is not ideal game, but just few cases influenced to stop play.

- Regens dont have templates by roles. BWM can has vision 17 (and pass 11 lol). In logic, for every role need 2-3 patterns and regen will grow in case of them and his PA.
For now randow create strange regens and future years looks a little crazy =)

- A lot of good players spent time in big clubs. For example, Goldaniga with pa near 160 moved to Juve where played ~10 games in 5 seasons (including cups). After this he moved to Newcastle, but a lot italian clubs who played Eurocups, want to sign him all this time.

- Big clubs use strange transfers. I played in Milan. Juve bought my CB Gomez for 15 mln and sell me Caldara for 7.5 mln. Caldara has better potential and local player, this decision of competitor sad me :D 

- Unrealistics signs of managers. I wrote already THERE and little there , and there

- Performance. Unfortunatelly from season to season it going down :'( And a lot of time spent for looking loading between days. (FM appreciated my PC for 4 starts and 5 stars for 3D)

Poor press conferences

- Clubs didnt change or change very long. Few EPL clubs with reputation 8k+ still has world rep, but they didnt get Chl, EL even!
On the contrary, other teams show better results, but still unattractive for players and sponsors

- Regens looks lifeless. No wishes (only salary, move to top). Hard to explain, but after 8-10 seasons looks like nothing happens. No global reactions, even some richman buy a club. Just from season to season, but...
For example, I won ChL in Inter, which club in my save was in middle 10 years. And what? Nothing in global, the greetings letters as usual, little plus in reputation, new season. (honestly, I cant explain my wishes there, btw I add it)

- National Teams. This part of game still superficial (Even no button 'leave club' in sign of NatTeam, only manual)

- Good players not demand

- No medals and trophy for players

- More info/news/actions from fans

- Dont know a title for point. Brozovic was in Inter 12 seasons, more 350 games , showed loyalty in hard times. No special, even no 'lovely club' for him and 'lovely person' for club.

I dont know, but want some interactive. New various conferences. Regens in actions & life. More realistic behavior and reactions from managers (especial press-confs). More activity from Board.
Changes in sponsors of leagues. Etc. Motion and life in saves :)

So I really enjoyed 2k hours, but these cases very, very missed

And if this mode will appears.. Its gonna be legendary :D 




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