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A skin for Football Manager 2009

Version 2



Download Link:


Version 1 Download Link


Note that, in order to use the "FM 2009" skin again, you must delete settings.xml from dds09/settings, in order to work well. "FM 2008" skin doesn't seem to have this problem.

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Be seriously weary of this everyone!

It's been 24 hours since the demo was released and from what I've seen there isn't yet an updated extraction tool to view the fmf files.

It's highly unlikley the original author has managed to update and test the skin in that time and they wouldn't have had access to the new game's files. This is most likely just the fm08 skin edited by a third party with a changed version number to make it load. The OP's description telling you to delete files etc makes me even more suspicious.

Avoid it or be prepared for things not to work properly.

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