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[FM2018] CoLFC - From out of the shadows, a LLM story

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Welcome to my save for the new 18.3 patch, this should hopefully run until FM 2019 now.

No real aims this time round, although I will be favouring English signings in a hope of one day supplying the national team with 1 or 2 players :) I'd love to eclipse Everton's stature and become the second biggest team in Liverpool - could we go one further and eclipse Liverpool's great history?

CoLFC were only founded in 2015 and have no history what so ever so its a good, blank canvas for me/us. Besides, who doesn't like playing in purple!?


Lets go!

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Cheers Nobby.

Update is inbound. I didn't have a first team squad so was busy building that, which i thought could be a boring read so the update will come about January time :)

Back soon...

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20 hours ago, mark1985 said:

Will be following this. Never heard of City of Liverpool. Any relation to AFC Liverpool?

Not that im aware of mate, we are in the same league. I ground share with Bootle atm though haha

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Ive decided the update will come at the end of the season, i think it will help keep an interest in the save and not make people become too bored with it.

Im currently in February so not too long to wait, admittedly, i dont play at the pace of some people :lol:

Its brutal down at this level, clubs poaching players left, right & centre!

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City of Liverpool FC


End of Season Review - 2017/18



Not alot of expectation was but on us, hell, we didnt even have any players!

League Performance




We dominated the league pretty much all of the way through only to fall apart with about 10 games to go. We scrapped together 3 wins in those 10 games and saw about a 12 point lead slip at the top. In the penultimate league game on the season, we relinquished top spot to AFC Liverpool and gave them a 2 point advantage going into the final game of the season. We raced into a 2-0 lead at home to Northwich and were obviously buoyed by the news that AFC Liverpool were 4-1 down. We were pegged back to 2-2 but a point was enough and we nicked the league title by 21 goals!

Cup Performance


I honestly thought we were going to go on to win the FA Vase. Maybe my over confidence const us as we were eventually tonked at home by Plymouth Res. 4-1. A very disappointing end to a good cup run, one which made us a few quid.

Player Performance


Will keep this section brief for now as we seem to have a bit of a revolving transfer door on going so all these lads could be gone tomorrow. For historical purposes then shout out to Bastock, Smith, Rowe & Gooding - these lads played in all 44 league games for me.

Upfront, Blackburn bagged 34 goals in 44(1) apps while Landu (who featured in a FM'17 thread of mine previously) scored 36 in 44(4) apps. Both of these were offered contracts at other clubs week in, week out but stuck it out with me - and im well glad!



We started off with around £8,000 in the bank and now sit with £39k in there. When negotiating my contract, i asked for youth improvements and they agreed. I got a message to say work would be commencing at a cost of £150,000 - its just been cancelled :lol:


On a side note, going forwards i will mention transfers and youth intakes. I signed about 50 players when trying to build a squad and with no playing contratcs at this level, they basically come and go as they please so the list will only be getting bigger. Oh and the youth intake isnt even worth mentioning - all in good time i guess.

Still unsure as to the best format for an update so all ideas & critique welcomed :)



(captain Brad Smith lifting the North West Counties Premier Division aloft at New Bucks Park)

My Trophy Cabinet;

North West Counties Premier Division - 2018

Career Summary;

Season		Team			League					Position		Achievements
2017/18         City of Liverpool       North West Counties Premier Division	1st			



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12 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Very good first season, though a bit odd seeing that kind of celebration at winning the North West Counties League Premier Division. :D

What can i say? We like to do things properly round here haha ;)

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On 3/10/2018 at 14:48, BoxToBox said:

Aye, very hard to keep a team together at that level.

I just brought in other players as of course everyone is non contract so your best players keep getting pinched.

Could not think of another way to do it. 


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