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Affiliation "Anual Fee" doomed my life

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Quick story short: I created my own club, edited some stuff of the previous club.

Reputation to the top, all players gone, bought some good ones with all the free cash, and.. (here lies the doom of my not so fun career) i edited affiliated clubs, adding 4 great clubs, ticking everyithing, from sharing training grounds, to friendlys, and PERMANENT deal.

The sad part here, is that from my greedy inner self, i thought that "Annual Fee" meant the anual contribution from the team selected to your team, NOT the opposite.

So, my dumb self picked a 2d Div Uruguayan Team with a total value of 3 Million Dollars, so greedy self selected like a total of 14 Million per year for "anual fee" from the 4 affiliate clubs. So after a large season, i really managed to got the promotion and the 1st place, only used one player given by one of my affiliates (Montreal from Canada).

But, eventually i got it wrong since the beggining, and after reading 4 messages telling me that i payed them the annual fee, my club is now doomed for ever and ever.  Because the affiliates are permanent. I probably deserve it, for trying to get an upperhand tring to make a big club out of nothing.

Is there by any chance a way to edit and erase the affiliates or the term before the day i have to pay it? Can it be undone? I know FM Editor 2018, but i dont know if it lets me change that.

I have lot of save files, so i can go backwards.

Anyone that is willing to share their knowledge, will have my thanks.

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