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Suggestion: MLS flexibility in editing / adding teams


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In my recent adventure in MLS modding with the supplied editor, I came across the hardcoded limit of the MLS. Which has been the case since several FM's. I have not seen someone recently suggest a change in this area, however, so I hope I am not breaking any rules on that.

Things based on others & which I have seen myself ingame. The standard vanilla MLS game has LAFC enter in 2018, and all works correctly. However, if I add a custom 24th team (for example, Nashville) with the editor + Academy team affiliation in all the correct ways, things are not 100% working. I have noticed the following issues:

This all from a spectators viewpoint, thus the teams being in 100% AI hands.

- Editor added MLS teams to the structure are not signing players from their academy, as all the other MLS teams are able to do in all the seasons I have simulated by myself. It is not possible to fix this issue in the editor,

- Editor added MLS teams are not signing players under DP contract slots (AI manager). Also not possible to fix in the editor.

- And generally lack of flexibility in building the MLS from scratch, going into all sorts of hardcoded issues. But for me this last point is the least important one. My main concern is not having enough options to build within the existing MLS set-up as is in vanillla FM 18.

If it would be possible to have a more futureproof build of the MLS, since the MLS is rapidly expanding in the next few years. That would greatly improve the game in my eyes.

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13 hours ago, vasilli07 said:

Maybe because MLS is a licensed league and that's why the structure and rules can't be changed.

MLS isn't the only licensed league in FM, and most other licensed leagues are able to be changed totally.

The only reason I can think of is that the MLS is so different from all other leagues, that there wasn't a system in the engine to make it work. Only way was by working with a different kind of hardcoded coding.

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