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Training wingbacks to natural

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I'm a few years into my save with portsmouth where i try to replicate the 3-4-3 system used by Conte at Chelsea (named 5-2-3 WB wide in game), and have really been struggling to develop talent to play in my wingback positions. It seems like i can get any type of player to become accomplished in the position, but becoming natural seems almost impossible. I have had no problem whatsoever with this when it comes to retraining DM/AM to CM or strikers to wingers/IF and vice versa.

Until now, i have been trying to retrain fullbacks and wide midfielders to become wingbacks, but none of them have become natural, some of them after maybe 2-3 years of training + maybe 100 youth apps as WB and 30-40 senior apps as WB.

Is there anything else i can do to increase the likelyhood of my players becoming natural, or maybe identify which players have a higher chance of becoming natural?



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Generally speaking, if your players have more positions in which they are already accomplished / natural, the higher the chances they can be retrained. So if those wingers / full backs can only play, for example, RM or RB and you're trying to add RWB, it could take some time. There are exceptions of course - it only took me about 20 games to retrain Max Romero as an AM, meanwhile the more versatile Bertrand Traore is accomplished in every forward position but only natural in one after 2 seasons. 

Really though, if they have the attributes, are accomplished, and form good partnerships, you'll be fine anyway, so don't worry about it too much.


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How easy to retrain someone to natural is down to a hidden stat 'versatility'.  If they have a high rating in that stat then it is a lot quicker and if it is very low it can take a very long time and may never happen.  The coach report can tell you if a player is particularly versatile or not I think but I am not sure.  Alternatively, if it is a real player you could have a look in the editor if you are curious as to why it is not working.

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