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Strong Defensively, but Weak in the Attack

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I am new to posting on here so I will try and be as descriptive as I can. (I am currently at work without access to screenshots)

I have bounced back and forth between creating tactics and trying some downloaded ones but I have decided I want to start a long term save with my own tactics to really feel some personal pride (or shame). I started unemployed and got a job in Iceland. I am obviously with a weaker side as I'm an unknown manager. So my thought process we to create a solid defensive foundation and then work up the pitch, especially because I start the season in a cup against mostly Icelandic Premier teams. 

My tactic seems to be working defensively as I am holding teams to very little half chances and almost zero clear cut chances. However...now I need to start scoring or my fans will get bored and i won't get anything more than a point out of a match. 

I am playing a 4-1-2-2-1: 


I won' list out my TI's because frankly I have changed them quite a bit as I experiment so I am up for hearing suggestions on those as well as PI's.

My aim is shutdown the middle of the field when they have the ball. My defenders are great in the air so I'm OK with them sending in some crosses. I put the Anchor in there because I found my one weakness was through balls through the middle (probably because my center backs were covering a little for the WB's being pushed up) This resolved that issue. 

In the attack my hope is that they can build through the middle by overloading the opposition, get the ball up to the DLF who can dish it off to the attacking players. If this option isn't on the WB's will be arriving to allow wide support and can then swing in crosses to my 3 attacking central players who are also pretty good in the air. 

I have found after some games though that while I am giving up little to no chances...I am also creating none (makes for a very boring game). I finish games with about equal possession, more shots (not too many from long) but none of them "Good" chances. I am playing teams a league above but I am just curious as to why I would be able to be the better team on the pitch consistently but not create any quality chances. 

If anyone has any advice on some small tweaks I could make to improve my attack I would greatly appreciate it. While I don't want to download any tactics for this save, I think learning from interaction between fellow managers is a respectable and valuable way to improve. 


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I think with your combination of duties you very much have a back 7 and front 3. Of course your wing backs will push into the final third (the frequency will depend on shape and mentality) but overall it’s a little predictable. I don’t see your two Carrileros linking up with your two AM that easily. 

With four central players, I’d want to have a greater threat behind the opposition D-Line. For that reason an attack duty striker might be better and I’d balance that with an AM on support. This should help you link play from midfield to attack more easily. 

There are a few other options to consider too. Personally I’m not too keen on both wing backs on attack. It’s better to stagger your attack so, as said previously, it’s less predictable. So perhaps more conservative down one flank, but a slightly more aggressive role than a Carrilero on that side of centre midfield to compensate. 

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the 2 carrillos in midfield could be a problem

the info tip says its means shuttle (like on a loom) ... so I think that means they go side to side more than they go up & down ... if that makes any sense

you could try changing 1 of them to an attacking role & duty, or a different support role like BTB or BWM (bwm might be a bit overkill sitting infornt of your anchor though :))


you could try drop the AP into a support role .. make it more creative role for other attacking players ?


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