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Sorry but this year just didn’t work

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Without being too melodramatic it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend but I’m getting a refund.

i have a laptop and iPad. I bought both versions of the game. The full fat one seems a bit laborious now. All this focus on social groups and medical reports take away fun. 

the iPad version has been littered with bugs and the gameplay doesn’t seem right. i keep referring to this but my spurs team shipped 5 goals to Bournemouth in 30mins. My tactics weren’t too crazy and if the match engine is going to be more harsh, please advise us about tactics in a comprehensive manual. 

I’m getting a refund for the bugs not the gameplay but please consider this;

FM is all about creativity. The dream of creating a club playing the way you want them to play and winning things. Looking at social groups and being told your player is 95% sure to get injured isn’t fun or creative. 

Please focus more on the tactics and training which is where you see the great managers become great. Consider new tactical options such as gegenpress and make the pressing line clear. Consider pre match training where you can tell your players to focus on quick counter attacks through a deep lying playmaker (obviously just an example).take training to a new level, it’s been moribund for years.

anyway. It’s all about tastes. One mans poision etc. FM is agreat game and I’ll be back for FM19but I just think something went a bit wrong this year.


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