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Can anyone help me.

I have managed non league Boston to League One and during this time every single contract offer never seems to let me go passed 3 years.

At first I thought it was because they were a small club with no budget but I have plenty to spend but it only gives an option for 3 years.

If anyone can let me know if I can change this it will be appreciated.

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  • SI Staff

The contract length the user can offer to is dependant on a number of factors. 

The reputation of a club, the squad status/playing time offered to the player, the age of the player, injury proneness of the player and board attributes. 

This restrictions on contract lengths were introduced in FM16 and came as a result of users being unrealistically able to sign players to 5-year deals at clubs who in reality would be unlikely to sign players to such long contracts. For example using your League 1 clubs as an example, it would be quite rare or unlikely for a League 1 club to sign a player to a 5-year contract. Mainly due to clubs being  unwilling to be committed to paying a wage to a player for those 5-years and with finances more limited at that level. 



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